First "Musicoining" meeting in Guatemala on Friday 13th April

Hello, fellow Musicoiners! We’re happy to inform you we’ll hold a first “Musicoining” meeting with Guatemalan and Guatemala- based artists, this coming Friday, in Guatemala City.

Any musician or songwriter you’d like to link with the initiative, just send me a pm here 🙂

This first meeting will aim at displaying the platform towards some local artists who are likely to adopt it for their own production, and to promote it on the Guatemalan music scene.

We proposed calling it a “Musicoining” activity, cause thanks to this platform we’re not only generating wealth and independance amongst artists, we’re inventing a different future 😉


would love to see footage … MC PLays


Hello @pup, nice to Musicoin you! Yes, we’ll at least take a couple pictures, haha.

We’re thinking about “Musicoincerts” too in a not too far future, mixing the usual artists fans and people already involved in “La Hojita” ecological grasroots network :-).


Muy bien!! Por favor @Ijatz-Guatemala envia toda la informacion del evento a

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