Musicoin Blockchain Remix Contest Come Vote Here

Hi Guys here is the voting for the remix of my track Storm Of The Mighty

I started this contest on the 6th of March for anyone to come and remix my new track on Musicoin.

There was a fair bit of interest and I wanted to help spread awareness to the Musicoin platform as I have had a very positive experience here and heard some really awesome music. Plus a lot of stuff that I would have never given a second chance I have now had the pleasure of listening to and am really grateful for this as it has opened my musical tastes and talents up a lot more.

So now my little introduction is over lets get on with the contest.

3 very different musicians/producers have come up with 3 very different remix’s for your listening pleasure and we would like to hand it over to you guys to decide which is your favourite of these remix’s

The winner will win a very nice sum of 5000 Musicoin and have the royalties of the track rewards set to 85% to them.

The other entries will have there rewards set to 50/50 and a 500 Musicoin.

This is a great way of showing how this platform can reward each member of a band, collaborations or between different artists and producers etc.

So without further ado let me introduce the 3 remix’s for you to come and vote on.

First up we have Liquid Drum & Bass producer Nicky Havey who has produced some of the best atmospheric liquid drum and bass I have ever heard please come and listen to Nickys remix here :

[](link url)

Second we have Asterios Papastamatakis an amazing Jazz musician and brilliant piano/keyboard player.
Come and listen to Asterios remix here :

[](link url)

Finally please welcome Finch a very talented Dance and EDM producer from Denver CO who has some awesome tracks for you to listen to and enjoy.
Come and listen to Finch’s remix here :

[](link url)

I have set the voting to end on the 22nd of April 2018 at 10pm gmt and a maximum of 1 vote per person so please choose wisely.

So there you have it please come and listen to all the remix’s and please check out these guys other tracks as they have some very very good music that you may have never heard before and you will be missing out if you don’t 🙂

Right then I think that covers it please share the post as a whole and not just your favourite remix so all the entries have a fair chance I will stay on the sidelines and not vote to make this as fair as possible and good luck to everyone plus many thanks for getting involved in my remix as I am truly honoured to have been able to work with you guys.

I have also added a random shuffle playlist for the tracks here so you can listen a few times to make up your mind 🙂


Congrats for this @DeeJay-DarkStorm ! I am really divided, the 3 tracks are amazing, 3 really different approaches.
This is really great because it shows everyone a simple yet effective use case of payment distribution.
Once again congrats and please continue the good work!

@Soundphaser Thank you I am hoping to do another in the future when my skills evolve further something a bit easier for the masses to listen to as my current producing style is a bit of a strange genre 🙂 But yes I totally agree and this was my aim I hope more people can follow suit and arrange more of these contests and work together plus spread awareness for Musicoin as it is the future and the fairest system ever I am happy to be a part of the early days here and cannot wait to see where the future leads.

Also I forgot to add for reference here is the original track these guys have worked there magic on don’t forget to listen to it as well so you can compare them all 🙂


@DeeJay-DarkStorm Nice to Musicoin youuu, and sooo many thanks for this remix contest (I’ve just shared about on my Facebook profile:

Like @Soundphaser mentioned this vote is a heartbleeding process, due to the high quality of all three remixes… I’ll much need your random shuffle playlist to make up my mind, within some days, haha.

P.S.: I’ve noted FINCH’s remix has been listened to much less than the other 2, would it simply be the case because of its third rank inside your introductory post, @DeeJay-DarkStorm? 😕

@Ijatz-Guatemala Thank you I think @FINCH-710-Music entry has the least plays as it was the last entry I have tried to play them all the same amount of times but my random playlist seems to play the same track a few times in a row sometimes which is a shame.I hope it helps decide though as it should play all the songs properly most times but is still a little bit buggy. Cheers for sharing I will come and follow you on facebook and go share this post a few more times today for those who have not seen it yet 🙂

Listend to all and are superb tracks, but I have to say that the Jazzy feel of Asterios is superb, fantastic the three and the original too ;D

Thanks for putting this together @DeeJay-DarkStorm and to the other producers who have made pretty epic remixes! I have checked both out and tipped so good luck to you all but really, we’re all winners here! Music = life

well just for the sheer musical input he put into the track my winner has to be asterios

Come on guys lets get this viral also feel free to comment what do you like or dislike we want to know how can we make the next contest better and improve our skills etc etc 🙂

Also if anyone would like to get involved in getting your tracks remixed or if you would like to remix other artists tracks plus would you like your track included in dj mix’s and live streams check out my group as it’s a little young and quiet atm.

Thanks everyone for looking, listening and voting we couldn’t do this without you guys much respect.

Not long left now guys make sure you come have a listen, vote and repost 🙂

excellent storm DeeJay - voted for Nicky - but all good regards donaldo digitalTRAFFIC

Last couple of days please reshare this asap so we can get the final votes in good luck to everyone 🙂

Just over 4 hours to go good luck guys let me know how you want your rewards once the comps over 😉
Thankyou all for getting involved listening voting and making history 😄

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