Mobile App is a MUST NEED

As a musician on soundcloud, most plays/views come from mobile.
Mobile: 89%
Desktop: 11%

We need a mobile app so I can push my fans from soundcloud to Musicoin. But a MOBILE app is needed. I get close to 4k plays a day on soundcloud and my team does the same. We can really help this coin promo etc.

be patient

It should come out this year, as the whitepaper says. I think after that point on they will have huge success. Keep up the good work!

Yes, it is a MUST! Currently I am playing music in my car from youtube while driving. But you cannot lock the phone because the music will stop then. I am waiting for the app too.

Everyone waiting for that, but probably something other is more important for devs…

dont’t be silly. After hard fork we would see all cosmetic changes, 'cause it’s 2018Q2. Read road map

In the meantime, you could always make your own free app for your page while you wait for the official Musicoin App.

I really need the app.

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