Advice on getting started

Since I’m just getting started, I have some questions for the group:

  • How do you get people to actually listen, even once, to your music?
  • Who do you go to for useful critiques?
  • Have you increased your listener base? If so, what do you credit for the increase?

Yeah I asked myself that question as well… Of course you can link to your musicoin profile from your social pages… But there’s a bunch of artists here I’ve never encountered on my other social pages. And of course they don’t know you’re here yet. So I’d try to explore by listening to what everybody has to offer, follow them and tip them a coin (if I have any left) when I like what I hear. I think that’s the best way to get involved, and people will certainly visit your profile in return to spin one of your records…
It’s kind of difficult to browse Musicoin imo, the search function is limited. But I’m confident the developers will improve the site and add functionality…
I hope that helps! And checking out your music now!
Cheers Mar T.


Thanks @MJMoonbow-aka-Tinman

Yes I developed for the sole reason that I was struggling to get people to listen to my music on SoundCloud. I have now added Musicoin support.

All you have to do to get people to listen to your Musicoin tracks is to listen to other’s.
Every time you listen you’ll get a “play credit” that you can use to get someone to listen to yours. They can then vote and comment on your track.

Give it a try, it’s totally free to use.

0_1519135854146_Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 05.41.11.png

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been doing that within musicoin and definitely been getting the response. The bigger question is how to drive more listeners over here via social media. I post pretty frequently on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It generates a lot of “likes” that almost never translate into listens on here or any platform I’m on. @juxta I’m definitely going to check out your site.

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