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** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 6]

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Jacky Saints
Stray True
Ian Steinberg

Another tough choice. Will have to go back and have a bit more of a listen before I make my choice!

Ariyah is awesome

Yeah this was tough even I am not in some of the genres! 🙂


Cool selection, I’ll go with Ariyah, great voice and cool music!

I’ll go for Ariyah. IX is also really good though!

Not easy, but Ian Steinberg gets mine

I have a soft spot for IX, our sound has something in common, we share some of that beloved darkness together…

Well, after listening to all of the artists, I went with who I felt I had the most in common with, whose music grabbed me…and that was IX.

Have to say though, really impressed with all the choices. Some seriously talented people out there.

voted Jacky Saints language barriers are incidental to great music

@shotgun21 totally agree with your comment and that is what is so good about platforms like musicoin - you get to hear so many brilliant things.

Jacky Saints - Love the buzzy rock guitar and uplifting kewl vocals! Catchy vibe Jacky!

Ariyah - Smooth warm positive vocals and and airy sounds Ariyah!

Stray True - Deep spacial energy and warm mysterious vibes ST!

IX - Deep energy and kool space and journey! Nice job IX!

Ian Steinberg - Clean positive energy! Mint vocals and production! Great vibe Ian!

Well done everyone! Real hard to decide! All great and kewl! 🕶


I tend to prefer real songs than soundscapes, although IX and Stray True produce great stuff, so dithered between Jacky Saints, Ariyah and Ian Steinberg. These three are very different but all have great songs. Eventually went for Ariyah for the power of her vocals. Must congratulate all contestants. Rock on…)))


Hard choice ! But i voted for Ian Steinberg. good luck to all great musicians 🙂

Voted Ariyah for her catchy songs, just beating out Ian Steinberg into 2nd place.


And the winner is IX!
Thank you all for participating!

Hey! IX won. Great news.
Now to find out who I should vote for in the next poll…


Congratulations to IX and everyone. All very good candidates.

Thanks everyone for your votes and kind words - hugely appreciated. I’ve uploaded a few other tracks to celebrate 🙂

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