Font Color

Hello! 😃
Can you tell me why my font color here in this forum is grey? While the color of most other members here is green and bold? Can I change it somewhere?


Does anyone know why my topic font color appears grey while everyone elses is green?

Hi @raven can you upload a screenshoot about your problem? I didn’t see any problem.


Yes of course.
Some headlines of some members appear green, while others appear only grey, like mine. How can I change it and highlight it green?

0_1515310589626_Font Color Musicoin Forum.jpg

@raven maybe you changed skin in forum settings

@raven this is not valid problem because gray topics marked as read and green topics are marked as unread. if you visit a green topic then the topic will be colored as gray.
also if you don’t like colors you can change your theme on your settings here

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