Wallet for MAC OS doesn't sync

I downloaded and installed the wallet for mac os and created an account where I stored some musicoins I mined. I successfully transfered musicoins to a friend’s account and since then the wallet no longer syncs. The screen is empty. The accounts no longer appear and the sync is apparently disabled.
Any idea why this happens? I closed and launched the application several times.
(0_1522996729776_Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 08.33.48.png

@nicholas-o-cuilleanain Might just be an error, if Admin can’t help you could try saving your wallet.dat file and deleting the others to start the program fresh again.

Probably your computer clock is not synchronised. You need to do a time sync with an internet ntp. No idea how you do it on mac. Ot try to open a new account, or try to import your other account again. Check if there is your wallet file in the keystore. Menu: Manually backup. @Nicholas-O-Cuilleanain

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@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman thanks a lot. I rebooted the mac and that seemed to work. Must be a sync issue.

Cool! There was maybe another instance running in the background or computer do time sync on startup aswell 🙂

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