Volareo is looking for the best music on Musicoin

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman I agree!! This is still my favourite of his and he has done A LOT of amazing stuff!

Я з України, але живу в Іспанії… Дуже приємно…


Heeelllo my fellow Musicoiners, hello Volareo’s Tom ;-)!

Another great asset of our platform that I wished to be included in the Volareo’s “best of”, haha, is:


For instance:


I donnow if it’s the work of a sole person, or a band, but all their tunes are soulcatching 😄

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My favorite that I’ve found so far has to be Let It Burn by KOLE (@KOLEMUSIC) , just an all round properly good track:



Thanks so much @ijatz-guatemala for the kind words.
I can add that Fleursonseaux and his works are of one person (at least for now) … thank you!

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