Get more plays at AtomCollectorRecords

[](link url) is a site for musicians by musicians. It’s free to join and really is a must for independent musicians struggling to get their music heard. I can tell you that it has helped my music achieve more plays, more likes and comments, not to mention inquiries for collaborations and music licensing requests. And I haven’t spent a red cent on promotion! All I have to do is listen and for each listen I earn a credit which I can use to set up more plays for my tunes in the system. You can do the same of course. What’s more, atomcollectorrecords (ACR) is social media savvy, so you can vote, make comments and post likes for stuff on Twitter and Facebook. And now atomcollectorrecords includes Musicoin. Help yourself and support your fellow members of the coin at [](link url)

Great idea of collaboration! Musicoin team should get in touch with them and see what kind of optimization they can do to help promote musicians through Musicoin

  • Implement Atomcollectorrecord or a share button directly into the Musicoin site?
  • Get more promotion on Atomrecord for Musicoin ?


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