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Hi there. Great to see a new wallet!

I’m not really sure what you mean by a “nightly build” but I get this error message when trying to import my account, even though the private key and password are different.
It the just takes me back to the main screen and no accounts show up?


0_1518677664109_Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 06.51.06.png

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@juxta Did you re-use your password? (i.e. the same one you used to encrypt your previous key) Once you enter your private key, you must enter a new password (different from the old one) to encrypt your key.


I actually have idea why this happens. Your private key is incorrect, but we still accept it. After function clears both inputs, and this is why you see this message. We would fix for more strict private key check, meanwhile you should understand how private key should look like. Your private key is too short and in incorrect format.
Here you could find more technical information how Ethereum alike private key looks like:


Ah is that what it meant! The description is wrong in that case. It should say “Using the same password as you used for the previous wallet is not recommended for security reasons”.

Thank you.


@cryptofuture OK. The message needs to be correct so as to not confuse people. I managed to log in using the backed up details in the end.

Synching now.

Thanks! 🙂


Unfortunately the sync seems to be stuck now though.

Normally I would just restart but I thought you’d like to know as this is a major release.

It’s been on 4.66% for about an hour now.

0_1518686350613_Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 09.17.02.png


Basically as user you interested in the private key only as a way for critical emergency restore. But you should store private and use private key only on your own risk. With private key you can import account back, even through you don’t remember your account password. To see private key - you can use: Click on the avatar for account - Show Private key
And yes, you actually could use the same password you used before, as it goes through “not too easy check”


@juxta You should have a progress as you have active peers, or peers status just switching with different count?


I had to restart and it went back to 0% but now it has got past 50% and is still progressing.

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