Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 5]!

** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 5]

Future polls will be created every Monday.
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Check artists here
Anderson Quevedo
Pamela Hute
Colie Brice
Smith House
Dominique de Witte

tough one this week enjoyed listening to all the artists


My vote is for @Anderson-Quevedo, difficult choice amongst such wonderfull artists!


Oh guys! I’m blushing! Thank you. 🖤


Ooooh every artist is really good, but my vote goes to @pamelahute! Great voice!


@newenx-0 Thanks for the support! 👌


@gjart haha 🙂 The community is growing stronger every day! Thanks folks for the kind support.


@marti-media Thank you!


Hey Folks ! 🙂

Please listen to my music, and if you like it, vote for me.

I am a singer / songwriter from France.

Some of my songs on MUSICOIN were mixed by MARK NEEDHAM (The Killers, Imagine Dragons…).

Kisses and good luck to all the artists 🙂 !

I voted for Pamela, shes awesome!


@jibba-the-gent hey thanks buddy 🙂 Awesome, I don’t know, but happy to be around here, for sure!

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@cedc59 Merci Cedric ! Thank you 🙂


Yes, it’s a tough choice, I commend all these artists. Wish to vote for them all!!!

All Sounding most kewl!! Love the rock n roll Colie Brice on Maybe Baby Waby makes ya wanna dance!
Ahh and Anderson Quevedo i have already discovered your very most kewl jazzy koolness! Love Sujeito a Guincho gets my foot tapping crazy everytime! Brilliant fluid kewl playing man
Smith House, Suitcase - Nice progression and arrangement, clean kool sounds and great dynamics! Top vocs and vibes! Very well played and nicely recorded! Nice 1! Excellent!
Pamela Hute, The Radio - Love this catchy kool track fun and upbeat! Great vocs and vibe! Nice work!
Dominique de Witte, GROUND ZERO - Great upbeat vibe with warm airy retro feeling flow! Most kewl
So hard to choose! You all winners already! Great vibes all! Love! 😄


@pamelahute You’re welcome! And you’re doing fine looking at the stats 😉

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