Out of Beta?

Can anyone tell me when Musicoin will be a 1.0 website and out of Beta?

It will probably happen in a month or two. (given they just launched the v1.0 wallet)
PS: it’s just a guess of mine

@buleumarius Interesting, thanks for the info. I’m hoping they have some web developers look over the flow and design of the site. Right now it’s not very music user (or creator) friendly, as far as access & sensible ease of use.

I agree. I LOVE the whole concept here … but definitely needs some QC input. Building my profile page took three tries as it set me back to zero with no rhyme or reason why. The only reason I persisted is because, again I love the concept and really want to see this thing FLY. If anybody on the development side is listening in here… hey, I volunteer! I was head of a startup in the mid 2000’s (that unfortunately went belly up with the financial crash:-( but prior to that had 5 years into designing the interface–mostly dealing with usability issues and making things simple, intuitive and stable. Be glad to help.

I just can’t wait to have a desktop app similar to spotify. Once that is a thing, goodbye spotify!


Hi all,
I believe the user interface has to be designed and imagined for the random listener as well. At the moment it seems like artists are uploading things and listening to other artists and this is how the community grows and the concept works. A bit like myspace used to. But someone who just want to discover new music will find it difficult.
Also, dealing exclusive catalogs with small but quality record labels will make the offer much different and open up the platform to a larger audience.

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