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Hey everyone, we just added this new forum section for general Musicoin discussions. Have fun and keep playing MUSIC!

There are different ways to play a track. Fine. I recommend clicking on the song title instead of the “Play” arrow. Then, you’re transported to the “record player”, which is cool, as a virtual vinyl record pops out of its sleeve, spins and plays. Plus comments about the track, previous, and space if you wish to comment, and a youtube-like thumbs up or down, Like/dislike thing.

Hello people. It feels great to be part of this Revolutionizing platform.
Am all about good music from every genre and I’ve got a new one out now. “Only Bae” Check it out, its 🔥🔥🔥


Is there a way to show who I follow and who my followers are on the Musicoin platform (not the forum)? Struggling a bit, being new to the platform…

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