If you love Musicoin as much as we do and want to spread the word, the Musicoin Foundation will assist you. The mission of the Musicoin Global Ambassador Program is to make Musicoin a household word across the planet, fostering music creation and appreciation for all.
Musicoin will assist qualified ambassadors conveying valuable information about Musicoin to their chosen audiences in the following ways:

  • presentations at local meetups
  • video presentations
  • online tutorials
  • interviews and media co-operations
  • other interesting ideas that may further Musicoin awareness.

How to Become a Musicoin Ambassador:

  1. All potential ambassadors should be familiar with the Musicoin Facts and FAQs, and should send an example of themselves sharing their knowledge of Musicoin in a public way. For example: a Youtube video, a blog post, or an article in print.

  2. Contact our Ambassador Liaison at: ambassadorliason@musicoin.org with this information. The Ambassador Liaison will put you in touch with our Ambassador Approval Team for review.

  3. If you are approved to become an ambassador, now is the time to propose your initiatives. Your contact in the Ambassador Approval Team will then set the budget for your initiatives that get approved.

Ambassador in Action:

  1. Film your initiative (or record it in some other way if applicable) and upload it to Youtube, DTube, or other relevant arenas, and share it publicly on your social media channels. Musicoin will also re-post your work through official Musicoin channels for further exposure.

  2. After successfully completing approved initiatives, you will be given an ambassador title, and will be added to Musicoin’s official list of Global Ambassadors, and can continue to propose initiatives.

last edited by Joel Bevacqua