Musicoin abusers

Hello everyone!

In a past two weeks we received a number of reports(someone posted on Discord and Slack as well) from community members who are contacted by persons(also community members) offering them “streams boost” in order to increase popularity of their tracks(profits as well) and asking for 50% of the profit in return.

As such a thing is completely unacceptable, in past days we took one closer investigation and we found few community members started to use offered “services”.

Their accounts will be terminated.

Anyone get caught participating in such activities will face account termination.

Big thanks to all guys who reported such malicious behavior and showed to us that we have a community that wants to defend some basic ethical principles and that actually cares about itself as a living ecosystem.


So great to see you guys took action on this, I’m one of those people who got various offers on multiple social media platforms from Discord Chats to Facebook and my Twitter account and I did report a few.

Seeing this kind of action makes me believe more and more that Musicoin is only going to keep growing in the right direction and remain the best place to license, publish and distribute your music and provide best earnings for musicians.

Kudos to all the Musicoin team and once again thank you for taking prompt action to eliminate abusers in the community.


DJ Lethal Skillz


Great stuff. We all want Musicoin to be a fair system that is around for a long time and selfish, greedy individuals need to be dealt with!

God save the Musicoin

I have noticed that I play one of my tracks I get tipped a musicoin. I have not abused thos but I wonder if some people with 1000 views on a track and yet seemingly no tips and few followers are simply playing them themselves or using another listening account they have set up to play play play. Does this happen? It seems like a hole in the system of it is possible. Maybe after a certain amount of plays by one person that account is flagged for investigation. Thoughts anyone? Thanks

Cant see an abuse if you just play songs, even your own!


Well done. We don’t need this system to be gamed. People are bound to try of course. It’s great Musicoin stamped on this.


@sovra I noticed that as well! Being just new here I used that to generate a few (less then 10) coins so I could tip them to other artists. Later I found the invite function that helped earning some coins a lot better. I agree this seems to be a hole in the system, shouldn’t be possible imo…


@SOVRA It depends on a case. Such things do happen from time to time but there’s a system in place that monitors all that and of course penalties for that kind of activities.

Though I hope 2-3 plays for your own tracks are still all right? I mean just to check all works good when you have just upload or using a player on some sites.

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Didnt know i cant just play any song on musicoin site.
Restricting listeners is bullsh… My wife aint allowed to listen to my songs either? lol!

@nohealer Yeah I like to check to make sure things are working as intended myself after an upload…but stopped after a few because of the system generating a coin every time I did that. I don’t want to be flagged as someone trying to game the system. Wish they could come up with some code that would allow you to play your own tracks without generating a coin as you can’t even check a twitter post without the same thing happening

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