How To Earn Money As An Independent Musician Part 3 - Introduction to Musicoin

Hey @juxta , How are you? We met somewhere else 😉 That’s a great service you’re offering! I believe in collaborating artists (as in: create music together), but I’m not sure if inviting artists to a playlist ‘pool’ will work in the long run. It’ll sure work for now, but when Musicoin gets bigger it won’t imo.
Just common sense: when artists join Musicoin they’ll set up a profile and release a song. They’ll comment on a few other artists and find out they need a boost. Then they find your pool. That pool is going to force them to listen to a selection of what’s available on Musicoin. Although all artists in that ‘selection’ will listen to the new artist, the new artist will return the favour but is at risk of only spending time in your pool, not exploring the rest of Musicoin. In the end the pool will only listen too each other, not to new artists imo. Correct me if I’m wrong, just my opinion. I’ll keep trying, and love the freedom, to find new artists and I’ll not join your pool for that reason.
Imo the main problem is finding ‘listeners’! Yes, we artists will support each other, but we need listeners…
Musicoin does need better features to explore new work imo, but that’s another topic. But let’s find a way to attract listeners… Did I say we need listeners? 😉

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Firstly thank you for checking out the videos and the site and offering your point of view.

I hear what you’re saying but I don’t agree that that as it gets bigger it won’t work. The reason is that the exact same problem of attracting non-musician listeners already exists on a site that is already huge and has been going for years - SoundCloud!

The reason I created in the first place was because I was struggling to get listeners on SoundCloud. After a couple of years of using it I still have the same problem there - nearly everyone of my 2600+ followers is another musician.

My long term goal is to create a stripped down app for non-musicians to listen to tracks from whatever source they choose but the issue is the same one faced by SoundCloud - how does one attract non-musicians? Well SoundCloud has a major problem in that they don’t pay musicians and they don’t have enough mainstream artists to make it an attractive service for fans either. They effectively have a failed business model (hence why they nearly went under last year).

My hope is that due to the fact that Musicoin pays musicians a fair price, when it comes out of beta and works consistently there will be a mass uptake by musicians but there will still be the issue of attracting non-musician listeners. That one I don’t have an answer for but with Musicians earning an income from their music maybe there will be some money available for all of us to spend some on marketing to fans. I’m sure a whole new set of entrepreneurs will come up with ways of cashing in on our new found wealth! 🙂

Finally, as a good friend of mine once said, musicians are music fans too. I have bought quite a few album downloads of people who have joined as there is some amazing, undiscovered talent on the site.

Say we need listeners … I say take a page from Apple music & iHeartradio & create Radio Stations on the platform that shuffle through (automated) currated content. The listener is bound to find new music they wouldn’t have otherwise searched for. Also that would be a huge benefit to the artists as well, by finding new fans/listeners.

As for we (the artists), it’ll come down to doing Exclusive releases to the Musicoin platform, and only promoting that one platform, Musicoin, to our fans (listeners). I believe this would work well, and I’m already doing it. Just waiting for the website to come Out of Beta so that it will work properly across all platforms.

Excellent idea Breez and I see you have quite a few more great ones on your other posts. My favorite station right now is FIP out of Paris. Non-stop music, 24/7, no ads, 10 mins of News blurbs at the top of the hour. They bill themselves as “the most eclectic radio on the planet” I’d have to agree! I’ve heard stuff I never would have heard anywhere else. Plus (I’m talking their app here) they have a log page shows everything that was played all day long and at what time. It’s brilliant–I enjoy it more than Spotify, which don’t get me wrong I love… but they make you work to find the good shit that’s across the board. Be a good model for Musicoin to learn from.

I also think Musicoin should consider that the most successful radios/sites/streamers always do two things:

  1. They curate the best stuff into top 10 or top 100 lists. Now, that said… I also understand that you need to have those top lists in their respective genres. Rock, Pop, Country Electronic whatever. Also this begs the question how to curate the list since music is so subjective? Well blockchain is (or can become) perfect for that. I.e., you program various algorithms around your data -capture … but here’s the key IMO: it can’t all just be plays. Plays is an incredibly lame way to chart. Why? cause people are obviously going to play what they see… what’s easy to click on. What may be visible may be shit (It usually is IMO… but not always.) Point being: one often finds great/awesome stuff that is way way deep on sites and has only been played like 3 times in the last year. Why? Because once buried, stuff stays buried on the Internet! So you need really good rating algorithms that can “chart” a song with very few plays. Make the cream (always) rise to the top. How? Several ways: 10 rating stars to click; a share button (and you track the share of the share of the shares etc); You incentivize sharing two or three levels deep (multilevel) where people understand they won’t get response if they share shitty stuff, so they share the best (to them) to earn more rewards; (also comments sections) … then you rate the “sharers” by letting the “sharees” respond with a range from “I love what you sent” to “stop sending me shit”. In other words (and hey all you developers out there I HOPE YOU’RE LISTENING … you USE the blockchain to really really capture “reliable reputation scores” of the songs AND the “curators” so that the hits emerge/rise to the top quickly and all your valuable assets (which CMON GUYS THIS IS YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER) are then readily accessible through…(drum roll)

  2. A multitude of charts and playlists that have been thoroughly vetted by an increasingly reliable list of QUALITY CURATORS … i.e., (should be) a mix of the overall audience and of top artists/producers/insiders presenting playlists … (you NEED some experts–like the Voice–you got your lowest-common-denominator-audience votes and you got your Adam Levines, Alicia Keys, etc…EXPERTS with serious know-how and TASTE)… so ultimately you start generating a master stream of the best of the best from all these various sub-catagory charts to get to your “super chart” which is what you feature on the site’s homepage. Now people take serious notice.
    make sense?

@breez well said! I agree and also made musicoin as my main social media account.


@mar-t Hiya, I swear by ACR. Musicoin is just one of the platforms you can listen to on The biggies like Soundcloud and Spotify are there too, along with several others - Bandcamp, Reverbnation… oh I forgot YouTube! Guess they’re a biggie) There can be a danger of listening to Musicoin solely through ACR and I see your point. I can’t speak for others, but I visit this forum regularly for info on artists and not on ACR. Then I go listen. By the way, I have become a fan of your stuff. Rock on…)))

@breez The idea of an Exclusive Musicoin release works really well, sharing the link is no different to sharing a Soundcloud link and listeners dont need to sign up to listen if they dont want to. I trialled it when i first uploaded a song to Musicoin and was really impressed with how many people clicked on the link because my fans can be quite lazy, sometimes fans can be reluctant to click on links to a website they may be unfamiliar with. I will definitely be utilising this for future releases and taking it much more seriously. I also feel that genuine fans will want to support you and if they find out (by you) that this streaming service pays really well, they should support you by listening to your music here rather than on Soundcloud. Im really excited for what the future holds for Musicoin


Hey @Noella-Nix make sure you add your page link in your forum profile (SIGNATURE), so people can click to hear your music whenever you post star!

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@henry-rowland very eloquent and poignant post! Right on!

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