Record spins but nothing plays on the links.

We have noticed that when we tweet out the link the record will spin, but nothing will play.

@decentralized-talk-podcast It might be a loading speed issue, I tested mine last time someone said something about it and it worked.

I thought about that, but I have tested it and it did the same thing. It shows to be playing on the player but their is no sound. It will play just fine every time if you go to the actual page.

@decentralized-talk-podcast I just tried episode 10 on your Twitter and the player wouldn’t load at all, just a blank screen, I tried mine on my Twitter just now and it works fine. Must be just an error, have you tried playing other episodes on Twitter and had the same problem?

I also see your episodes are over an hour so that might have something to do with it as well, not sure. If the others you tweet don’t have a problem than it’s an error of some kind.

I didn’t even think about the length of the episode being an issue. I am going to do some further test.

Thank you


@Decentralized-Talk-Podcast I just tried Episodes 10 & 12 and I can confirm that it works…

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