Switching Artist page Feed & Songs list around

I know this is a minor thing but as I was going to an artist page on my phone, I get their feed first and then I have to scroll way down to the bottom to finally get to their songs. On large browser it’s not such a big deal but on tablets, and phones it is.

Even for my own page I’d rather see the songs I listened to first, I’m not sure of others feelings but in my mind the feed is very long and really not all that useful. “just my 2 musicoins”

This post is deleted!

I fully agree, the layout needs an adjustment &/or the ability for the User to custom rearrange their personal profile page to their liking. Hopefully this web flow issue will be addressed on the next update w/ the ability to organize your music into albums/ playlists and showcase what’s important to you & the fans. Music First.

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