Idea for Faster Wallet Sync

I’ve tried the different ways to increase the wallet speed, deleting the Blockchain data and restarting the sync, went fast for a bit but hit the same problem. Tried increasing the virtual memory of my PC, still goes slow though.

But I just read about bootstrap and blockchain downloads, if someone who already has sync’d their wallet, hopefully admin to avoid malware, could zip the blockchain data, since the blockchain’s not huge yet, and upload it for us to download it would be a great help, zip it in parts if need be.

You just DONT import the key untill its synced. Then its fast syncing till the top block.
Downloading the chain leaves too much space for manipulation. It would be still necessary that all block are scanned and confirmed. So i cant see how it would be faster to download the blockchain seperatly

I prefer the desktop wallet, since it provides the best security and it only takes 45 minutes to get a full synchronisation 🙂 @buleumarius

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman There’s also the possibility for offline transactions on myetherwallet, for the security obsessed. I’m just saying, as long as we have alternatives, there is no need to brag about things that work properly. For example, I’m using other desktop wallets for other coins and the take longer to sync, so I don’t understand why people complain. Musicoin’s desktop wallet is fast, compared to others.

Yeah @buleumarius i actually think its the best wallet out there, ive seen so far. In regard of speed and it plays music 🙂
You still need to connect via another peer to make your transactions. The difference between MEW and Desktop is, that with mew you need to connect to a public node of the network and with the desktop wallet you have your own peer so you transmitt the transactions directly to the network, instead of Connecting to MEW, which connects to the mc network for you.
I think the risk is minimal but I think its quite controversal to the idea of decentralisation since you rely on another “institution”

I don’t know the ins and outs, I was looking up ways to make it sync faster and those are the tips that came up from the tech heads, the difference in speed is the data would already be downloaded, the scan wouldn’t take long or shouldn’t take long.

But you’d be surprised at how many people have the same problem with sync time taking days. But I just looked it up again and downloading the blockchain is what everybody suggests as they’ve tried that and bootstrap, apparently that makes the sync about 3x faster. For the manipulation that’s why I said hopefully Admin could do it, someone else I wouldn’t even trust lol.

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As already said just DONT import the wallet lol, before the sync is finished in 45 min

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman Still not the problem, deleted all the folders and started clean, left it on the welcome screen and it’s still having the issue. IT’s still hitting 1 and 2 mbps every now and again though so I’ll know by tomorrow if the problem persists cuz like I said before it’s when it gets to the 30-80% that it stays in the few kb area.

So with the bootstrap you suggest it would only take 15 min? lol!

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman It’s the difference in being able to download the blockchain at once rather than peer connected in pieces, I’ve downloaded at over 5 and 6 mbps from a good server using a download manager, being able to download a zip file from like Github would go at least over 2mbps compared to the single and double digit kbps peer connected gets me.

And how long would it take to place that download in the proper direction, scan it and confirm it? Who would be able to do perform such a task? Its complicated, the download can be manipulated and still wont be much faster. You need to provied a download, you need to update that download at least every week.
So it doesnt make any sense for me. If you not able to sync i would suggest to use MEW or Coinomi

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