Watch Musicoin site(just finished)

(hosted on an isolated server at my home)
[](link url)

It attempts to identify the ubi transactions as blocks are made and lets you see some basic track info as well as listen to it using their embedded player. Best viewed on a desktop, mobile is fine too though.

Tech info: c#, js, angular, and websockets via signalr. Requires a gmc node from the server side.

Thoughts? Be nice.

My thought is you are awesome!!!
I’m not techie at all but I can see a lot of cool ways to use this, for promotion, community transparency, and more.

Do you have a specific goal or project you are trying to create?

Keep up the great work looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Honestly, I was genuinely curious to see how the full system was functioning. Small tasks like this are a good way to learn it. Ill keep poking around for sure. I was happy to see the customer side of musicoin is fairly active and i found a few new artists i like in the process.

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