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Hi everyone, hope you all had a good start into 2018.
During new years eve I wanted to showcase musicoins to my friends and that came with a bunch of issues, which is something a lot of people will come across, if they want to give musicoin a chance.

  1. Playlists Part 1

Compiling a playlist for the said evening was a pain in the ass, because it required a lot of clicks to get desired tracks onto the playlist.

Here is my suggestion: If you search for a genre, musicoin could generate a playlist based on the genres tagged. This would be amazing to get a fast playlist without the hustle. Of course, the downside would be wrong tags by the artists, but it would do for quick discovery of new artists.
Speaking of tags: User tags could be a thing…but that’s a topic for another day.

Second suggestion: Add a little + button into the resultspage to each track, so you just have to press that button and add the tracks quickly.

  1. Playlists Part 2

I’m certain, this has been discussed already on multiple occasions, but I felt like it needs to be here for completion.
Band/Artist created playlists (think soundcloud), to put out an album in order, categorize certain kind of tracks (demos, ideas, releases…whatever). Just to keep it clean. Right now I have one album and a single up and…well…it’s a bit all over the place.
Additionally: Featured tracks - If an artist wants to highlight his favorite track/playlist…let him go for it.

  1. Playlists Part 3

Listener curated playlists. Wonderful thing at spotify, as long as it is in the hands of the users (please no major label bullshit). Let them make their mixtapes, even make it possible to reward great playlist compilation with $MUSIC.

  1. Private Streams

I’m currently promoting a new album to blogs and all that. On the press page I use a link to a private soundcloud playlist. I would love to replace that with a private musicoin playlist. So I can share tracks privately to press, reward my closest supporters with exclusive previews. It just gives more possibilities ahead of a release.

  1. Nightmode

Please…^^ This forum is so bright, it hurts my eyes 😄 - On a serious note, personally I prefer darker websites. I appreciate cryptopia, twitter and youtube for including a nightmode to their services.

  1. Issues 1: Player (Shuffle function)

With the currenct playlist, I experienced some issues. I made a playlist of like 15-20 tracks and just hit shuffle. For the two hours before midnight that would have done it. So I just hit shuffle and play. So…what happened is, that the shuffle function doesn’t ignore previously played tracks. So…something awkward happened: I had two of my own tracks in that playlist and those two tracks appeared maybe 2-3 times each within one hour. Even just with one track inbetween. When that happened again I stopped the playlist. One reason because it get’s boring, the other reason is…it was my own tracks, which leads me to the next thing.

  1. Issues 2: Rules

I’ve spoken with a bunch of other musicians, and some are currently not really aware about what is allowed and what not. In fact, there is a certain degree of insecurity. Artists proud of their work, listen to their own music. And right now listening to the own music on this platform generates a coin. That should never happen in the first place, new artists don’t even realize that until they pay attention to it. Personally I just realized that a couple of days later, when I showed this page to a friend. I also double check the music, wherever I upload and of course, I also like to listen to what I do.

There needs to be a system in place that prevents us from earning coins by listening our own stuff, there has to be a clear set of rules and the consequences need to be outlined. Right now this is a bit awkward because we have neither. And rules we don’t know, can’t be followed.

You might be very easy with bans and what not and really just ban people who go crazy with like 100 plays a day and who probably didn’t deserve it any different, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact, that nobody really knows if they can even doublecheck their tracks.

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All good ideas. Thanks.
We are planning on that, will invite you to observe and contribute.

This is a great post.

My eyes reads as,

Playlist API
Bug Fix/Improvement



@tamilvendhank ya, I really wants to tip this post with 10 MC. 😄

I’m sorry for the lack of technical language xD

@im said in Playlists, private streams:

@tamilvendhank ya, I really wants to tip this post with 10 MC. 😄

link to my profile in my signature ^^

Absolutely awesome set of points, infact I have trouble understanding what I can and cannot do, I didn’t even realise that listening to your own releases generates a coin, even though I presumed it wouldn’t, as is the case in every other platform. I do also thing there should be a page or a menu on the site which explains the do’s and don’ts and maybe gives newcomers and idea of how to use the site in general. I look forward to seeing the new upgrades and changes as they happen and in the meantime just want to say I am really enjoying using the site. I also think that eventually a FAQ page explaining to artists how to actually monetise (Exchange) their Coins for actual cash wouldn’t go amiss, which also includes maybe links to the various platforms that are needed to complete the operation, especially for newcomers to the cryptocurrency world. Most of the artists have no idea of how to actually change their coins into real money, which at this moment in time, is what they really need to cover their expenses and maybe start to earn something from their hard work and creativity.

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@iced-note-music This is question we were going to ask … FAQ on how to use , where to buy musicoin and like you say hot to actually “Cash out” if and when we ever get to that stage. A lot of new users , like us , may have just picked up on cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and others, as it has started to get more interest and press and that generates interest from more people which is great but we do need more info. This will help us to help promote the site too as we can explain it more on our social feeds.

@neon-insect This post is spot on !! Playlists seem to be coming a “Thing” now and could even possibly start to replace albums as people just like to compile and whack on a playlist everywhere you go. Great post and I would have tipped you some coinage too 😉

@restless-natives said in Playlists, private streams:

Great post and I would have tipped you some coinage too 😉

You know how simple that is, right? ^^ just spin my music instead.

@neon-insect well yes indeed we can just tip you on one of your tracks 😉 Would be easier to do it here though as a reward for your positive ideas.

Love the idea of a playlist! I would love to embed a playlist on a wordpress site as well. One that is quick to load and could be organized by genre. This would be helpful for licensing music. To categorize music by mood.

@kate-mclaughlin Soundcloud did exactly this and I think they did that very well.

@restless-natives Currently, one can purchase musicoin from bittrex exchange. I am not sure about other exchanges. With bittrex, an user can purchase $MUSIC using BTC or ETH & transfer that to Musicoin web wallet. Then, that coins can be used to tip artists.

I agree that for an user or listener, this is a lot of work to just to tip the artist. But, I am sure that, in near future, we will have some setup in place to buy musicoins easily with just few clicks.

Yes, playlists are highly anticipated!
And for me that kind of look is good:

But like on SC it’s ok too.

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Some fabulous ideas here, thanks for adding them, saves a lot of typing as most of the things we were going to say have already been said. 😀

We would like to add a couple of things as well. Our label Wud Records have found SoundCloud more and more difficult to deal with over the past year or so and would like to leave that platform entirely. They are looking for an alternative service to use for their various albums and songs. Bandcamp is very good but the community is not as strong as SC’s. Essentially what is needed is to be able to upload tracks, arrange them into albums, and then embed the albums into websites. 😎

Very happy to have discovered this site and liking it very much so far. We plan to upload more tracks in the coming days. 👍


coded this up quick just for an example of what I think is to come

you can load this page in a frame and let it play.
So Far it still has a short delay between tracks on laptops and computers.
On handheld browsers (phones) you will probably have to press play everytime a track loads,
but when the track loads it’s ready to play!

check it out:

And remember this is just an example to get people thinking. There are a lot of improvements that aren’t included.



Okay @Neon-Insect
on BETA 0.4

I have not added 1. genre feature but love it, and will think how

I have added 2. ability to make a playlist album in order, categorize certain kind of tracks (demos, ideas, releases…whatever) and of course the “featured track” would be done by Adding that track FIRST! Instead of “$Musicoin Top 11” we can put “Name of Album”

I have added 3. listener customized playlists of course this playlist is open to anyone, EVEN if they are NOT a MUSICOIN verified listener, but… And at the bottom of the page there is a link to tip the DJ, which is currently intended to link back to a musicoin listener or artist, but if it did link to a page off of MUSICOIN, would still be encouraging the use of MUSICOIN. I think in the OFFICIAL VERSION, and my future beta versions, I’d like to make sure this “DJ tip link” only goes back to a MUSICOIN artist or listener

I would also like 4. private streams (that’s beyond the scope of the playlist) both for sending to press, and close supporters (like patreon and bandcamp do), as well as to create a feature that Deadly Buda and I discussed in the video yesterday. (imagine you could upload JUST the instrumental or JUST the vocals for a track. and then give permission for other musicoin artists to add THEIR vocals to the instrumental or THEIR instrumental to the vocals, then you could listen and APPROVE the result to be posted publicly to their page or your page)

I have added 5. NIghtmode in a way LOL, because it’s a dark color scheme. Do you like it?

I have added 6. Shuffle MODE, and YES I implemented some nerdy mathematics, so that the same track should never play twice!!! Yay! Math is awesome.

I’ve spoken about 7. Issues or Rules here
The main points are ESPECIALLY this early in developing the platform artists should ACTUALLY be ENCOURAGED to play their own music. And the blockchain technology should be moving away from the punitive system where labels Punish both artists and listeners for listening to whatever, whenever and however much they want LOL! My opinion.

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@Iced-Note-Music and @Restless-Natives yes, I’d like the exchanges to be smoother! Deadly Buda actually said that’s the main Priority for MUSICOIN on the video yesterday!

@Kate-McLaughlin " I would love to embed a playlist on a wordpress site as well." Yes, you can do this with BETA 0.4 Just make an HTML insert and paste your code direct OR paste your code as a separate html file and embed the frame in your HTML insert

@Nick-Efremov you’re track “Together” has been added to the MUSISCOIN embeddabable playlist BETA 0.4 Template playlist ! Test it out.

@Dark-Company Yep you are “… able to upload tracks, arrange them into albums, and then embed the albums into websites.” with BETA 0.4 ENJOY!

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