Any experience with mining pools?

I am looking to mine some musicoins. Do you have any pool to recommend?

I like this pool,
everything seems good

I use miningpoolhub for most of my mining needs. You can mine musicoin with just about any Ethash client, and the blocks are completed rather quickly. If you are already versed in mining, then you will probably already know this, but mining another coin, like BTG or Monero, and then auto-converting to Musicoin can get you a better payout over-all (sometimes as much as 4x/5x) something that mining pool hub can handle for you.

The pool does have a fee of 0.9%, but if you are looking to make many musicoins while the price is low, I would seriously consider mining something else and auto-converting. If you are just looking to get a few coins while mining for the network, then other pools may be better.

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I get my coins pretty quickly
I recommend!

Don’t mine at the NomNom pool they don’t answer emails and don’t pay out

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