Appreciate the feature on Episode 8. I agree about the vocal mix btw, Liberty’s actually a free soundcloud beat so I didn’t have the stems to mix the vocals in properly, Soldiers Eyes was a beat from who it says, I met him on Facebook, and Don’t Shed A tear is also a free soundcloud beat.

All the beats I personally made are the “Duly Noted” Albums but for 1 track on the “Lights In The Dark EP” which is also pretty weak, Both the Vocal mix and the beat itself as I wasn’t as good a producer at the time as I am now.

And since it got brought up, and it has before LOL, I’m not white, I’m Black on my dad’s side and Irish/German on my mom’s. I have more tracks with me rapping and some House/Tech music with me speaking that I haven’t uploaded yet.

So far I’ve never rapped over my own beats except that one from Light’s In The Dark, all of them are free beats from around the web.