Has anybody brought up a CPU mineable, consumer or listener supported currency to run alongside MusiCoin?
Can listeners get MusiCoin in an efficient enough way to support daily use?
Can the platform create more dedicated fans if they can easily participate in maintaining a blockchain and get paid for it?
Perhaps having listeners not only supporting a function on the blockchain, but also enabling them to create and spend this currency easily, would allow more folks to be more generous.
I saw a post and somebody mentioned a topic I hope we all care about, and that is the Environment. CPU mining can be much more energy efficient and spread the work load to a much wider array, not impacting specific areas as heavily as GPU mining can.
I understand that CPU mining is still mining, therefor still a threat to the environment.
However, I do not believe that hobby miners, or massive mining operations are going to be going anywhere fast. It would be better to persuade people to mine with hardware that is more energy and cost efficient.
Recently I’ve seen an influx of CPU mining related media, usually centered around two out of three of these topics- Threadripper CPUs, Electroneum, and Monero.
Threadrippers are totally cool, wish they didn’t consume so much power, but we all know what a threadripper is.
But, what the fug is an Electroneum? Apparently they are working on their browser miner, which will allow people to mine on their rumbas, alexas, smart tvs, or whatever sex toy is connected to the wi-fi…
But isn’t Electroneum pretty much Monero with smaller pools and more coins?
No offense to their works, but if there was a more use-case platform or application, like MusiCoin, wouldn’t that be considered a more valuable asset than any other “CPU” coin?
Currently, a few coins consider themselves, CPU mineable or GPU/ASIC resistant. CPU mineables are in the realm of Electroneum, Monero, and other CryptoNote algorithms.

  • I rarely hear anyone bring up GPU and ASIC resistant algorithms such as Argon2 and Yescrypt.

Argon2, winning The Password Hashing Competition in 2015, and Yescrypt being a runner up for the same competition.
Was the Competition not valid for some reason? Are these algorithms more susceptible to attack?
Fact of the matter is, ETN isn’t a CPU coin at all. It is ASIC resistant, and can be mined with a gpu, far more efficiently than with a cpu.
People do, however, seem to really like the idea of a CPU mineable coin, that can be mined on kitchen appliances, or whatever.
Eventually, all of these ETN miners are going to realize that their CPU mining pool is FILLED with GPU systems, they are likely not going to be happy with the outcome.
The browser mining system ETN is proposing, may even mimic CoinHive style browser-miners. These miners are mining XMR and paying out in a desired currency, with a heavily taxed fee of course.
Oh, and the CPU browser-miner, is competing with GPU miners. All love, but good luck.

  • The reason it sucks the most, is that every shit hole country in the world (yes, I know you may think Ohio is a shit hole and Zimbabwe isn’t) … Every person who can’t afford fucking bread because their nations shitty government has tanked the price of their shitty fiat currency, could maybe be able to feed their family by mining an easy to use, energy efficient, low cost entry point, ASIC and GPU resistant, coin that supports a world economy of music.

Who knows, we might get the next Zimbabwean Jimi Hendrix if we make the platform available to her.

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