Musicoin needs its own marketplace

In order to help trading of Musicoin become 1 or 3 button easy and fast process, it would be good to create its own dedicated marketplace where you could buy and sell Musicoin directly from the website. Maybe with USD/EUR/GBP. Then people won’t have to deal with problems that Cryptopia and Bittrex are having. What do you think?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe in order to purchase cryptocurrency directly from fiat there are a lot of regulations etc that have to happen. I have seen @deadlybudda say on an interview that this idea is in the works.
But I wouldn’t expect it to happen tomorrow with all of the arrangements that have to happen with banks, payment processors etc. (again please correct me if i’m wrong.)

Payment gateways are a pain in the ass, but this is eventually the path to walk 🙂

Could possibly speak to blocktrades and see if they can get musicoin set up on their system. Would be super easy to integrate that into musicoin’s website.

Isn’t the shapeshift or stellar service helpful regarding this problem?

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I Like the idea, but it raise few issues :
1 - how to ensure that a direct FIAT deposit won’t decrease the price and / or worse gives a fixed price…
2 - at the moment I don’t think the musicoin team should focus on that, their is no necessity for someone to buy musicoin. We need more features for more liquidity

My 2 cents

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