Weird things happening on the Musicoin blockchain!


I thought I should report strange things I noticed last night on the blockchain. After I sent some coins from my profile to MyEtherWallet, as I usually do, before sending them from there to Cryptopia, I verified the transaction using the blockchain explorer, as I always do. I then realized there was a discrepancy between what the blockchain was showing and the actual amount I had on my profile balance. As I though the transaction had not yet need mined, I waited a bit, to no avail. So I tried resending the coins again. Still nothing. I logged out an in again and tried playing my own songs, yet, the blockchain showed no increase. I could also notice some strange transactions, where the amount of 0.00000000 had been aded to my balance, as well as some strange red triangles, with an exclamation mark in them, translating as “bad call” when I hovered over them. So I kept playing my own songs a while to see if there was an increase, still no success. My wallet address also took longer and longer to load on the blockchain explorer. Then, eventually, some increase happened, but it didn’t concur with the amount my profile balance was showing, as it was instead frozen on 25 coins! VERY weird. So I tried to ignore the 25 and transfer the amount of coins the blockchain explorer said I had and this worked once, but then, the coin count wouldn’t increase on, even though I was still playing my songs. Then, after a few plays, it did increase on the blockchain reading, but my profile balance kept showing 25 coins! Weirder and weirder!!! I never experienced anything like that before! After a few more tries, I decided to stop playng my own songs and call it a night. And today, as I logged in, I had now a different amount of coins on my profile balance, probably from twitter plays or such, and verified it on the blockchain, to my great relief it was concurring this time around. I tried transferring that balance to MEW and it also worked faultlessly. Like the weird behavior of last night never happened! Can there be a ghost in the Musicoin blockchain? But seriously, I definitely thought I should let you guys know about this, as it might be symptomatic of something that could go real bad if left unchecked! What do you think?

im definetly not a blockchain expert but that sounds odd to me.

there is also a discrepancy when sending coin to cryptopia. the coins don´t go in cryptopias hotwallet anymore, they end up in a transfer wallet but the amount still shows up in the balance on cryptopia.

this is pure guessing but is this a possibly a replay attack?

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