How to get the linux version running?

I downloaded the nightly build version for linux. I am looking to the files, and I can’t locate the binaries to start the program. With other wallets (bitcoin, litecoin, dash,…), there is generally a coin-qt binary (or else) somewhere, but I can’t find it. Someone could show me the way from that point?

Its been a while since i used it, but 🙂
I think its the file called “Music Wallet” in the archive. You need to make it executable:
open console and use chmod +x Music Wallet
then start the wallet with
./Music Wallet

@ucvb i just checked and the “Music Wallet” file was already taged as executable.
So the only thing i had to do is to extract the tar.gz file
open a terminal in the extracted folder
and start it with
./Music\ Wallet

You are right, I just had to start the Music\ Wallet file to get it running… It is already executable right out of the tar.gz.
Feeling a bit stupid here… 🙂


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