Q: What should I do to increase the chances for verification of my profile?


  1. Link Twitter and Facebook account to your Musicoin profile. Avoid adding newly created accounts if you have better ones(in terms of showing more about you and your music) because that will considerably decrease chances to be verified. The purpose of having these two accounts linked to your Musicoin profile is to confirm to us that you are a real person, you are the owner of the accounts, and also to show us some history of your musical work.

  2. Enter links of your SoundCloud, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, YouTube accounts(if you have any) in corresponding fields at
    Link of your Facebook artist page can be added in the first field(named “Artist website profile page url”).

  3. Don’t forget to upload one of your songs. It’s Important to know that artists get in queue for verification only after releasing one song on the platform. You will be able to upload only 1 song before your profile is verified. To avoid any possible issues with uploading make sure file is in mp3 format, and also to enter the title, genre, and tags.

  4. Don’t forget to enter the profile name, add images, and description in profile edit section . It’s important to upload cover image of appropriate size(1300x300)

last edited by Zeljko Stanojkovski