Lost transaction (cryptopia transfer)

More then a month ago ive made the transaction of 2000 MC to my cryptopia account. Apparently, at that time they went through some technical issues and i was adviced to wait. This is what i did but never recieved my money. Now cryptopia says that everything works but the never respond my support requests. Moreover i can not locate my transaction in my wallet to trace it. Please i really want my MCes back.

I’m afraid you shouldn’t have sent MC to Cryptopia from your Musicoin Profile. It says “Warning! Exchanges will not recognize coins sent directly from your profile.” ---- you should have sent the MC to a wallet first, then from that wallet to Cryptopia.

@giant-pulse thank you for your reply. Is there any solution for me in this situation?

@alexandra100788 for what we know, there isn’t a way to recover coins sent that way. sorry! (let us know if you find a way. will help other people)

tip: test first with small amounts when you’re learning or trying something new (in general with crypto/blockchains, with your future wallets, exchanges accounts, etc…)

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