Vote for artist of the week- [WEEK 4]!

** Vote for artist of the week** [WEEK 4]

Future polls will be created every Monday.
Support an artist that you like with your vote.

Click on your choice, then hit “VOTE” to register.

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Jibba The Gent
[poll title=“Artist of the Week, Week 4” maxvotes=“1” end=“1518800400000”]

  • LAUD
  • LaFlamme
  • Jibba the Gent
  • Jambrains
  • Aritomi
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I think the new forum “design” wont let me vote…

I don’t see where to vote, but my vote is for Jambrains. Super cool dude.

Dont remember how i voted last week, but for now i feel really dumb since i cant figure out, how i vote!!!

Yeah, the poll is missing. Can’t vote.

I can’t vote either, but I would vote for Jambrains.
Maybe Bufinjer next week?? 😉

need somewhere to register votes please admin

@zeljko-stanojkovski i vote jibba the gent for artist of the week, month, and year.

Dang! Such good company, much love ladies and gents!

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I apologize to all of you, there are some issues on the forum and as you can see there is no poll.

Please vote by writing in the post to whom your vote goes so we can at least continue the process by doing it that way. I hope that issues will be corrected soon.

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