The Song That Never Ends

I had a strange idea. It came from seeing a lot of collaboration efforts coming from various artists. Smart contracts that distribute payment between artists without a middle man? This has it’s own inspirational tone. Collaboration between continents is not only technologically easy, it can be profitable.
Time for the crazy idea. If a group of artists chose a key and a tempo, one artist or band could create an intro for a song, and then another artist or band could add the next section. Then another artist adds the next section, another adds the next, and so on.
Artistically, the song becomes it’s own “Blockchain.” A recorded ledger of MusiCoin represented in audio format.
I’m not saying just throw a bunch of different sounds together.
I’m saying if a group of like minded musicians want to reach as many ears as possible, collaboration seems to be an effective way to market to new audiences.
MusiCoin can potentially be the first platform that could give attributes, rights, and royalties to countless musicians, on a worldwide scale.
Sorry if I’m too lofty, I like to dream big.
Good luck to all the Collaborators out there.


Wow @ian-spyker ! Very interesting idea! Don’t know exactly how one can do it, but I like the idea!!! Maybe using or something like that to share the project…

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This sounds like THE Music IDEA of the (next) DECADE !!!
1.) An artist picks a key and a tempo
2.) another artist picks an intro with lyrics and singing
3.) another artist continues with a new section of lyrics…

Do you consider to record a song of the different sections @Ian-Spyker ?

I have another idea. Are you interested?

We could do one or two concept - think through them systematically - make up a plan and consider people needed to make the project happen and then we could do one or two side-projects and connect them with Musicoin if people enjoy the idea - and if possible for Musicoin?

The song that never ends… an infinity song beeeautiful

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Hrmmm… time for a brain storm, excuse any shitty thoughts and try to take whatever inspiration you can from this…
Various artists currently are releasing music through MusiCoin. This leaves a conceptual issue that mainly involves meshing different Genres of music in ways that I couldn’t guarantee would sound good. The idea that artists can Collaborate is nothing new, however, Highlighting and Marketing how easy it is to Collaborate and Split earnings, is where MusiCoin, as a Business model, becomes more important than what ANY other platform can create. @Mar-T and @Martina-Baur could collaborate and split the profits easily, but these two artists will only reach a bit more than their combined audience. If, we were to add myself to their mix, and if @Soundphaser were to add to the mix, the track has the potential to reach all Four of our audiences plus a bit more. The idea comes into full view, when you realize the possibility of sharing a MusiCoin Original song, that not only Markets the artists involved but even more importantly, Markets MusiCoin to other artists and fans who are begging for a way that allows people to directly support their favorite musicians. Perhaps MusiCoin could officially create a yearly, quarterly, or monthly Competitive Collaboration that presents an opportunity for MusiCoin artists to create an intro, or a piece of Music, that is voted on to be an instrumental, melody, or artist to be featured in the Competitive Collaboration.
I word it strangely because the idea hasn’t been available for me to think about before. My mind goes into how this would work for the various Genres that are represented. A jammy hippie band, a Free Style Rapper, and a Death Metal band would be difficult to make work. If it did work, it could take the skilled hand of one of MusiCoin’s talented Producers to properly mix and master, adding another name to the billboard, but also to the bill. If we stayed in the bounds of specific genres, it would musically gel and be easier to produce. Not saying just throw Ten MC’s on a track, people should try to take global collaboration to another level through music and consistently push the envelope.
Jam Band collaboration can be done through piecing together the root structure of a verse or chorus and a shared melody, each band would stay in a general key and crescendo into the shared melody or root chorus. The combination of Hip-Hop and Electronic music can be bridged easily for one song, but making it a “never-ending” collaboration could require cinematic interludes. Being that Hip-Hop albums have traditionally used comedy skits or kung-fu movie samples, this shouldn’t be a problem. It kind of makes me think of an Opera or Concept Album, a platform to tell a massive story. Add some R&B singers and varying beats that highlight region specific styles of Hip-Hop. A very pioneering dude could create a Heroic world-wide adventure that compares to The Odyssey. One style of Musician that doesn’t really get any love on MusiCoin is the DJ. While DJ’s can be mediocre and dime-a-dozen, a good DJ can accentuate compositions, successfully glue transitions and can hear connections where others could not… Producers can do the same, but would likely put their time into producing beats or individual compositions rather than gluing the various pieces together.
Fucking Megazord, Voltron scenario. Captain Planet or whatever.
Keeping the Competitive Collaboration publicly marketed, instead of independently, adds hype and also adds a greater chance of generating income. The biggest hope and brightest outcome is IF a popular artist or band decides to release on MusiCoin, there is a possibility that many different unknown artists can share tracks with well known artists.
Fuck, it’s late. Ramble On.
P(lug)S = I just put out an EP of Rock songs that I did after a band break up. I wanted to record the songs for SCIENCE! My signature has a link to my homepage if you want to check it out.


That is a very good and structured help for this discussion @Ian-Spyker. Thank you.
I think that if we could pull this off it could be a good marketing move for both artists involved and especially Musicoin.
@Joel-Bevacqua , do you think this is feasible, or do yo know anyone with enough experience that could help manage this project?

We are working on something like this with the DJ Mix and Remix policy…

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