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Personnaly I think the verification is fine… We need some kind of filter or we are going to end up with troll accounts and every joe spamming the system.

Maybe there needs to be a department that can work closely with and incubate new artists, while continually approving access during some trial period or what have you, after which they “graduate” and no longer need the continual approval process.

Also, you gotta think that we have UBI. Verification is needed in order to prevent people from cheating the system.
I think an incubator of new artists was something mentioned by the Musicoin profile Twitter to be added in the future. Imagine having someone to “mentor” you by paying Musicoin, that’s something that can drive the price for another utility besides tips 🙂

Awesomely weird new music by Trend Laser to listen to while you’re reading, Trend Laser presents “Pussy Pop” -
Perhaps having a specific area in the forums with a designated group of entry/approval volunteers that can investigate with the info available.
The ease of creating fake accounts on a few platforms and presenting a few BS tunes presents an exploitable attack vector.
This is why, I believe, proof of Music and Time is the most likely way for verification to happen.
Reputation on the forums, or comment participation may be able to provide a “Level up” system for artists who want to start their recording careers on MusiCoin.
A curious off but on the topic is, Why wouldn’t a troll just create bullshit music honestly?
One would likely generate much more support and profit if you let people know that you just want to gain the system with “silly” music.
Anyway, the idea is that if you are really just a beginner, you would have to put time into the platform before you can put music into the platform.
This way, a scammer would have to put too much time into it. If they are smart, they would know it would be much more profitable to just Mine MusiCoin.
It would also require a certain amount of dedication to the performance of being a troll. If a troll stumbles upon writing a great song, should they not receive some glory?
If these trolls begin to receive praise with music they didn’t even try to make, would this not encourage them to become better musicians?
It may be avant garde troll polka, but if it captures something interesting, weird fucks like me might enjoy it for it’s artism.
P.S. - If you agree or disagree, make sure to pulverize the up-vote or down-vote buttons. I’m interested to gauge how people feel about this… it is, FOR SCIENCE!!!

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Thanks, Ian, for the suggestion. “Pussypop” is not so much a joke or novelty tune, but, it helps if you have a sense of humor.
About your comments, seems for me, at least, it’s difficult to determine if someone is serious or goofing. Example: Some tracks, seems the “artist” figured out a loop of notes, a sequence, pushed record and a repeat button, went to lunch, came back and pushed stop and voila!

@trend-laser All love here. My apologies for linking it here.
Honestly, I saw it on the new release page and thought it was a decent example of how music can seem a bit silly on the surface, and how some listeners may assume that a weird song = troll.
I’d just rather promote songs that are better than mine 🙂
I can also make a quick search and see you have released music for a number of years, so it’s easy to verify you. For an individual that would just be starting out, the varying production quality or weirdness of sound may make it difficult for them to get verified.
Like if Mr. Laser tried to get verified with the single song, “Kill The Walkers”… It may be a bit hard to discern whether or not the performer is legitimately interested in pursuing art or they are just trying to create unverified accounts with other peoples music, or random electronic soundscapes, or in my case, very badly produced, learners permit techno.
You and I both have the advantage of time and songs. I know I’m not alone when I say, “Yes, I did have a MySpace page!” …
But kids can’t have MySpace pages anymore, cuz they’ll get made fun of, everywhere.

For new, fresh and clean artists, perhaps earning forum reputation could help verify authentic artists. Especially if they are linking to songs, taking peoples advice, and are genuinely interested in starting their careers with MusiCoin. The Incubation idea, but without requiring a “mentor,” so that one’s own promotional ability and community engagement is their mentor. This leaves it free for teachers to accept students as they are, instead of a requirement of mentorship.

🗣 TL;DR!!

True, we still need a way to vet their songs somehow to ensure they are legitimate. Thats where a sponsorship type program might work.

Hello people. It feels great to be part of this Revolutionizing platform.
Am all about good music from every genre and I’ve got a new one out now. “Only Bae” Check it out, its 🔥🔥🔥

Grafite & Hope - Beat and hope, showing the graphite side in sound and creativity.

By Werry Rodrigues

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