Promotional Idea?

Promotional Idea
I’m thinking of creating a website to help spotlight new music and artists but only feature people on Musicoin. (I’m a former independent music promoter but have been away since having kids 10 years)

Do you think this is a good idea? one idea I had was to have a weekly top 10
If we did do this do you think it would be best to have the top ten by tips or plays?

Love to hear your feedback?
I wouldn’t want to do this unless if it is stepping on Muiscoin’s toes so to speak. The thought behind it is to have another gateway to attract listeners and new artists.

Love the hear your thoughts.

Kelvin, you need to get verified to make it easier for people to listen to you. I believe by linking your Facebook and Twitter pages. Once you are then people can listen for free.

Good luck!

I think it’s a cool idea. I can’t imagine MC would be bothered because at the end of the day you’re still promoting the MC platform and artists.


@HTdoug It’s a good idea! If it helps generate traffic it is a very positive idea! Go for it, and if you need help you can count on this strong community for sure!

@htdoug nice idea.
I’d go with top ten of PLAYS but you could do both, like they do on Musicoin homepage: there are TOP PLAYED and TOP TIPPED charts for day / week / month

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@giant-pulse I’m leaning more towards plays too. I think it would take a lot more effort for people to manipulate. Sad to see talk of tipping pools going around. I guess there are going to be some people trying to game the system.

Thanks for the feedback.

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