UBI$Music tipped me 100 MC... Help me use it!

Hiya folks,
100 Musicoin and need help spending it!
Post your favorite Musicoin Artist!


These two are my favourite:
Neon Insect and DJsNeverEndingStory
Two different styles but producing awesome music!

Willie Of Wilshire is one of my favorites haha 🙂

plenty of choice here: :))))
Giant Pulse Records

Songwriter, guitar player, art explorer.

Freestyle World Music. “Selected Grooves"!

Trumpet+drums hypnofunk duo.

A handmade wooden harp and an accordion and a beautiful, moving, mystical journey.

John Humphrey Coconut was born in Barcelona in 1986. Self-taught musician, poet and painter. His musical style comes from blues, rock, funk, pop, tropicalism and African touches.

A POST-JAZZ FREE-ROCK CONSPIRACY of SOUND encompassing Cinematic, Post-Rock, Kraut Rock, Electronic, Soundscape, Free Jazz, Free Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz Noir, Post-Punk and Dub featuring an international group of musicians from US, Europe and South America.

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Gotta help the fam now but …
@soundphaser Neon Insect is that good good. I’ll check out DJsNeverEndingStory tonight. @Willie-Of-Wilshire I see you! Be there tonight, for sure. @Giant-Pulse This is a list that will take me a bit, thanks for the quick links.

Expect some MC by tomorrow everyone!

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Heads up everybody.
Thanks to @Soundphaser for suggesting DjsNeverEndingStory. The first track I clicked on is already well worth a hefty 10 spot out of the MC pot. The track is a podcast where DjsNES discusses MusiCoin and the possibility of artists cutting out the middle men in the industry and delivering content straight to the people. Also featuring some great music mixed throughout the Podcast. Check it out if y’all haven’t. Here is a quick link to a great track.
DjsNeverEndingStory - I Got You

@Willie-Of-Wilshire You have a good flow and can hear the placement of syllables and words, EDIT your newest releases are pretty fuckin’ epic. Not going to lie. but I do feel like you’re composition is vanilla radio. Intro,Verse,Chorus,Verse,Chorus,Outro. I want to hear you get out of this habit. Let the beat do some of the work for you, you hittin it so hard you forget that the music needs to breathe too. All love here, I want you to do your best, even if you don’t like my opinion. The best thing about this platform, is that you don’t have to rely on what was popular yesterday, you can create what will be popular tomorrow. All Love.

@Giant-Pulse bruv… Agustin Richard has some killer tracks. It’s almost unfair to judge these songs along side @Willie-Of-Wilshire because I don’t speak Spanish. They could be saying some ridiculous stuff and I wouldn’t know it. This is a great example of “letting the music breathe.” There are some tracks that are leaning towards festival Pop Rock, A genre whose architecture has been perfected in the past decade or so. Agustin Richard does a great job at avoiding some of the Festival Pop/Rock trope traps that musicians fall into, while at the same time running straight into others with a crazed grin.
The Focus remains on the musical composition, which is note perfect. That being said, the lyrics could be garbage. I wouldn’t know the scope of the metaphors unless I had a translation, and they still might not make sense when translated.

Bandius Companion… I think these guys might smoke a little weed or something. The Twenty year old me would definitely classify this as "Far Out… Dude."
My tiny American brain can’t comprehend what my hips are doing. Someone call a doctor, these sweet jams are infectious.
Seriously though, if you are into instrumentals or improvisational music, this is some of the most unique use of notation I’ve heard in a while. Once again, most American music uses Greek scales, or even a simple pentatonic scale, so to hear diminished scales and Latin rhythms is a real treat.

While spending time in the natural habitat of the feared and most dreaded “Hippie,” the locals had a phrase that was tossed around when I would happen upon a mass of Hippies huddled in a gyrating heap of unabashed exhilaration. The phrase that was shouted by a few entranced fans, if I can remember correctly, the phrase was "Crunchy Grooves Brah!"
This band, ChUPACONChA, is the embodiment of “Crunchy Grooves Brah!”

Guretti is simply beautiful. I don’t have a cute joke for this. It feels like the air in the room lends to the composition as much as, if not more, than the instrumentation does.
Guretti = Fantastic Art, by fantastic Artists.

I’m beginning to believe @Giant-Pulse is a Hippie, because John Humphreys Coconut is another reference I would give if someone asked me to point them towards the "Crunchy Grooves Bruh."
There is a wide variety of musical styles in the mix. So far the Funk-Rock tracks are my favorite, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for the wah-wah pedal. There is a definite “Island Vibe” throughout the recordings, and the band is excellent.

  • 🗣 ATTENTION 🕵‼
    Holy Shit, The Near Death Ensemble is crazy AF…
    Much love to these musicians. I love noise rock, I love jazz, I love avant-garde and musicians that manipulate their instruments in unexpected ways. If you love these things, you will die for The Near Death Ensemble.
    It reminds me of Aphex Twin, Fantomas, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Miles Davis, and a bit of Pink Floyd. There are some other influences in their that I don’t have knowledge of, especially from the avant-garde/jazz side of the die.
    TNDE absolutely provides an emotion that you don’t often feel in popular music. The textured dissonance leaves me with a very sobering consistent truth,
    life ain’t perfect.

@Essince Good to see you got Verified!
There are only Two tracks to listen to so far. In Comparison to the other reviews I’ve posted so far, it would be unfair to judge in a meaningful way. The track with D-Hy is definitely what I think people on MusiCoin would enjoy. Collaboration is one of the benefits of working with MusiCoin, so more collabs would be my advice.

@Kelvin-Brown you’re a bit mysterious right now. For one you are unverified.
You are also putting out a song by an artist named M-Easy, but your handle is Kelvin Brown.
So, what’s your deal? Where is your boy M-Easy? Is he getting a cut? All Love…
Unfortunately, I can’t pay someone who has no track record and is unverified.
That being said M-Easy’s song Sheltown has a number of positive elements. The drum beat sounds good, a decent synth line. The sound effect gives a nice bounce to the beat, but gets extremely repetitive.
The flow and wordplay is solid, but the line “lions, tigers, bears, oh my”…
This ain’t patty cake bruv. Song about bein hard, come out sounding like a big purple dinosaur. All love…
Honesty though, I’m going to be hardest on the Hip-Hop guys. I grew up in the mass explosion of Hip-Hop. I’ve seen it go from Tribe Called quest to Beastie Boys to MC Hammer to Dr Dre to Body Count to Wu-Tang to UGK to Outkast…
fuckin Nas? Eminem? Biggie? He who shall not be named? RIP.
The Bar is real, real high y’all. There is also a shit ton of bad rap that has been created and marketed by music industry half-wits, who think they have a pulse on what people want to hear.
Some of the greatest musicians of all time were never meant to be exposed. These artists and the music was so popular, that the radio and T.V had to recognize them. People still want raw music, no fucking radio edits.
If people want a radio edit they can change the station like a free mother fucker does.
Fuck a radio edit.

Let’s segue that, and juxtapose it to an artist who didn’t mention himself when he responded with his suggestions.
Humble, with balls of steel, @Soundphaser makes emotionally compelling, piano driven instrumental experiments.
Also, stating on his front page, he is willing to let Non-Profit Human and Animal Rights organizations use his music for free if they contact him.
This music has no words, yet speaks to a timeless struggle between perseverance and surrender. That’s just two songs in…
The haunting undercurrent is often driven by a hip-hop style back beat, completed and accentuated with a rolling, swing-time hi-hat.
Any fan of Instrumental hip-hop arrangements, or progressive trip-hop inspired EDM will enjoy every note in these tunes.

@Coach-Hop, nothing but smiles coming from me. That R&B tune is good, but let’s face the facts… You like to break some rules and have fun when you do it.
With that being said, the “sloppy” rock songs are my favorites. Sloppy as a genre, not the playing or the lyrical content.
There are definitely some tracks that remind me of something familiar, but also feels a bit different than other songs I’ve had the chance of feeling.
One song in particular is real tight at first, but when you start getting in to it, the song really opens up. She… uh, the song would do just about anything you wanted it to at that point.
All jokes aside, I think you all sound your best with the sloppy rock songs and raucous lyrical content.

Now, we come to Stellartux. That track you linked has a kazoo in it, so that is pretty neat.
I listened to some of the other P*nk tracks, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to like it.
Some of the tracks showcase great Musicianship and other tracks are a fucking mystery to me.
If anyone wants to fill me in on what the story is with these tracks, I’d appreciate it.
The other tracks that Stellartux present are completely different when compared to P *nk.
Ambient and moody, the themes are unrelentingly dark. Bringing the listener from states of melancholy to climactic scenes of auditory hope.
Stellartux is kind of like a curious fever dream, I’m still not sure how to feel about it honestly.

@DigiGeek-TV-0 you are still unverified, that being said the song is mad decent.

If anyone wants me to remove the haphazard review I gave them, I will no problem.
Also, If anyone wants to send a couple adventurers my way, I have plenty of odd recordings that are reminiscent of old experimental techno and trance.
If you want something to punch you in the face and freak you out a bit, I recommend Another Atom I Crush.
The next is an example of a drum pad with an Arpeggio on it.
I wasn’t very creative with the name, but damnit I made a DRUMPEGIATOR.
If you want to spice up a beat with something a little jazzy, assign drum samples to your arpeggios with a bit of swing.
There are other musical experiments, but listener discretion is advised. I don’t take music extremely serious at all times.
I enjoy a good stinky cheese with some dry red wine. Lighten up, It’s just music.

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@ian-spyker that’s awesome. @DJsNeverEndingStory is actually a friend of mine from college and that podcast introduced me to MC. Awesome other people are recognizing his music and podcast. Would love a play if you got some time but checking out the other people you mentioned, too. thanks for the review

tip it to him ->> @soundphaser
because super nice guy and great music ^^

(thank you Soundphaser 🙂 )

I really liked Stellartux’s blazing punk anthem, “I Miss Being a Potato” https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x48182d4dfb77d87a10d9bd044651c085fb226337

And I gotta say, I like my own R&B/Rock experiment “I Love You, Goodbye” so if you’re feelin’ it, have a listen.

i just upped my first track so maybe me? lol sorry shameless plug i know … https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x9320b9e942ea5748589df57d3cc8ff2a7a0a8271

@ian-spyker great to hear that man. I love how you get the music. all GPR family cheering for your words 🙂

@soundphaser You didn’t throw your own name out? You got humble balls of steel. So far, your tunes are captivating. I’m going to enjoy this review.

Thanks for the musical experience everyone. The tunes were good but alas… I need to make more MC.
If anyone is reading this later, scroll up and check out the quick reviews as I went through the suggestions.
There are some Fantastic musicians and artists that were suggested, and it’s only a small percentage of what’s available on MusiCoin.
Feel free to use this idea and spread some of that stuff around.

@ian-spyker So being new here i have no idea as to how to get verified. As for M-Easy he is my artist and yes he will be getting paid I posted the song not knowing how it would read but all of my artist are taken care of and learning more about the platform and how it works i will be better prepared when we release other songs on this platform. I produced the song and didn’t think and still don’t think it needed a switch because of the synth run which switches up itself every 8 bars i wanted more attention going to the words that are being said. I posted the clean version because its the only one i had access to through my phone. Now for the lions tigers bears line in the hook plays to the narrative of the song which s about our home town shelby nc the city of pleasant living they call it but we call it sheltown and where we are its a jungle outside and its not to pleasant i myself come from the golden era of hiphop and wouldn’t be doing this without the influence of those you mentioned along with a laundry list of others and is why i do my best to protect and nurture the culture its only few of who still do boombap beats and records its almost a lost form but with that said i do thank you for your time and opinion its much appreciated 1love STAY TUNED btw the song is over 5yrs old but is still relevant which is what i love about the music do its timeless!!!

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@ian-spyker I want to thank you for your kind words! Are you sure you heard my songs? 😛 I am flattered!

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