My wishlist for the developers

I appreciate that the site is still in beta, but I don’t think any of this stuff is particularly difficult.

1/ Fix the player. Fix the damn player. About a third of the time—and especially if you’re not on Chrome on Mac OS—the track won’t play. It’s such an embarrassment. “Hey, friend, you should check out this new music site, yeah, it’s based on the blockchain, they’re paying musicians over 10x better royalties than Spotify, yeah, it’s awesome”, and then they go on Musicoin, and the player doesn’t work. Fucking cringe. I know that there is complexity here, in that the web interface has to update the blockchain, which Spotify and Soundcloud don’t have to do, but at least for verified artists you could load the music automatically and use a buffer for updating the blockchain? After all, they’re going to get a credit from UBI regardless of whether or not the listener has balance.

2/ Playlists. I saw a tweet from the official account a couple of weeks ago that suggested this might be a paid functionality? Yeah, good luck with that. This is a very, very basic functionality on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Which listeners are going to switch from that without playlist functionality? Almost none.

3/ Allow downloadable purchases. This will strongly incentivize non-musicians and non-investors to buy Musicoin. Hey, you can listen to this track for free on UBI… or for x amount of credits (say, a fixed number of Musicoin, or a fixed dollar equivalent) you can download the tracks in lossless quality. Boom, people are going to come in. Instantly creates a market and boosts the coin.

Anyway, I love the project, keep up the good work, and implement this stuff.

I agree to te player and playlist. For myself purchase woudnt make a big difference though… i got it all up on bandcamp… a buy link on each song would be cool though and would made up for non downloads… you would need to have lossless uploads in the first.
For me it would be most important to change the order of my songs on the public profile… i even deleted some songs to get it a bit straight but cant upload olders songs now… i was already thinking about to delete them all and upload them again…

@mjmoonbow-aka-tinman I endorse the idea of changing the order of songs in your profile 100%!

This is sort of recap of what I posted on reddit. I am wondering if we could create a wishlist tracker and the community could up vote those ideas. This may help the development team get community feedback of what they think is most important. Of course the developers wouldn’t have to follow it but it might be helpful and would be an easy way to open up communication to the fast growing network.

I could see it broken into to categories of Musicians, Listeners, and perhaps miners/investors.

Just my 2 musicoins worth.


heard you, thanks. We will discuss it internally.

@im Thanks Isaac, I appreciate you listening! 🎹🎤🤘

Download could be a simple offline cache in the music player. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they get to download a flac or mp3. Just my 2 $MUSIC…

@ęmpire-of-łights We wholeheartedly agree on all these points. In fact it’s kind of putting us off telling people about the website at the minute as it’s very unreliable , especially playing music ?? Will there be any announcements on any website improvements soon admin ?? We see announcements for future announcements on twitter but nothing when it comes to the website. It can’t stay in Beta forever and we have seen a lot of people joining up but the guys really need to get to work on making the website a lot more user friendly and doing what it’s meant to do … Play the goddamn music without crashing !! We have mentioned playlists before but it seems to go unnoticed … Would love to see an announcement about when the website is going to be launched properly and pulled out of Beta mode !

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