My musicion wallet now appears black when i open it up

@peter-davey So does mine most of the time, it’s most likely your computer, I had it runnin til just before I came here and it was right but usually it’s the black screen and I have to put the wallet process in real time or high priority in task manager before it starts to get the screen to show, I’m on low grade PC though.

ok it might be my security or my windows firewall i have noticed it tends to not trust musicion but my computor is not that old

@peter-davey I don’t think that’s the problem, it could be, but I put exceptions for musicoin in my AV/Firewall and it does it, I don’t know how much RAM and what kind of processor/graphics card you have.

it is actually fixed itself up. i can now see my wallet again lol this tech stuff drives me nuts i am to old for this stuff

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