How to turn your Musicoin into actual MONEY!

Greetings everyone,

I just finished writing a simple tutorial on how to easily (well, as easily as it can be for the time being) convert your Musicoins to fiat. Here is the link:

Turn your Musicoins into actual MONEY!

Hope you will find my tutorial useful!

at the moment it’s to difficult, but I hope we’ll see direct exchange right on in the near future

Hello people. It feels great to be part of this Revolutionizing platform.
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Thanks a lot MaelstromBlack ! 🙂

Do you also use Steemit? If so, how do you rank the two of them?

Guys go check out my party track it’s LIT 🔥🔥🔥

@maelstrohmblack greetings brother i want to take this moment to appreciate the post you have here and the links attached. Thank you!


This is super useful information @maelstrohmblack ! Goo job!

@dark-lord-kenaan Glad it’s useful!

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