Keep the faith — the price will go up again (including Musicoin)!!!!

Keep the faith — the price will go up again (including Musicoin)!!!

@ox17futuremusic It’s a combination of factors though, they’re talking about it now on Business networks. There’s the regulation which makes everything drop just like the announcement that Amazon was on the list for anti-trust issues, and than there’s corporations attacking crypto like the banning of ads so they can keep control of the market.

It’s the same situation as Tobacco and pharmaceutical companies spending millions to keep Marijuana illegal and we see how that’s turned out, Marijuana’s legal in a bunch of states here in America and more to come, they wanna introduce legislation to take Hemp off the controlled substance list etc.

Now big Pharma’s gettin laid in to for opioids, Tech companies are gettin laid in to for privacy violations and data collection, it was all just a matter of time, this aint nothin but a delay.

So many independent tools came out over the years through innovation that the market never expected, or never appreciated, people’s own ability.


Markets will go up and (also) down… We can help Musicoin by spreading the word 😉

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