Indie and alternative rock

I’d like to connect with quality musicians specialising in indie and alternative rock here. I’d be more than happy to spin your tracks and tip you. My page is here:

Rock on…


I’ve struggled to pigeon hole my music for some time now but do feel as though this track is Indie.
If anyone would like to connect to I’d be grateful.


Nice clean production you have there. I really dig your guitar tones 🙂
If anyone out there wants to listen to some of my prog rock:

Thanks, Stevee. Checked out your page… I see you’re regularly releasing stuff here, just like me. Keep it up. Cheers!

Hi Stevee,

Hello and welcome. 🙂

I’m pretty new to this, but if you’re into alternative rock, I just put up a track the other day:

Would be great to hear your views.


Project Bears

Hey Steve,
Enjoyed your “A Little Alien” track, nice playing and production.
If you’d care to listen to an alt rock / post rock track I’ve uploaded today:

Hey Steve

We’re an alternative rock band from Ireland.
Just joined, exited to be on a new platform!

Here’s our latest offering!

we’re here too stevee i know you have heard us but maybe some of the others on this thread would like to check us out, alternative rock/post punk new wave from sussex uk

Hi Stevie, it’s Coach Hop. I’d like to take this opportunity to drop my new track for you to listen to since it falls into that category, Rock/Alt Rock.

I’ll listen to yours as well and tell you what I think…

Hi there

Thanks for coming up with this topic. We’re Muzak and our music is somewhere between Post- Prog- and Artrock. Thus, it’s also somewhere in the alternative genre, I guess (:. We’re alway very interested to connect with other bands and musicians in this genre.

@Stevee, your solo guitar sound in “pinch of salt” really kicks ass!" I just followed you.

Gonna check out now the music of the others who posted here, too.

Rock ain’t dead on musicoin, that’s for sure 😜


@stevee, thaaaanks a lot for creating this topic! 😄

Refreshing it a bit, I’d recommend we cast an ear (or two 😉 ) towards this tune:

These Norwegian guys are rocking the house, and till now it seems we’re very few to have welcomed them (@Frank-Duna and @The Red Eyed Jedi, namely 🙂 ).

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