Register as a label

Hi, I’m a producer and would like to offer the artists I work with the opportunity to release their music here: can I register as a label?


I’d say yes. You should! As long as you and the artists you work with get verified and don’t see why not! The PPP model with the royalties distribution is excellent for that!

@soundphaser great, thanks! I’ll make e new profile: can I shift my existing catalogue across, and can I have sub-profiles for the artists? Loving the platform so far:-)


I don’t think creating sub profiles is a feature. When uploading a song you can determine the distribution ratio among the contributing artists

Hi there Jay, we are a small record label and signed up as a musician.
We are now releasing our artists material on the platform, we have spoken to our artists about the way the platform works and we are collecting all the rights for our artists, which we will of course distribute along with all the other royalties collected from their music.
Hope this helps.


@soundphaser I would imagine most of the artists wouldn’t want to go through the process of registering and getting verified as they probably expect the label to do this as part of their remit.

So I guess the question for the Musicoin team is whether one can register as a label and then upload the artists music and use your standard royalty distribution within the contract?


@juxta That makes sense. I hope Musicoin team can address this. It’s a fair point.

We did that too.
For sure, it will be improved in some time.
Really cool to feel that community growing.

Being that there is no field for artist when uploading, how would one go about seperating artists up within a label and without sub profiles?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Same here, I registered as an artist and as a label.
It would be great to have label pages, indeed.
Thanks for the hard work, super excited about the platform, and I’ll be happy to help with regular feedback.

Ok, Ive registered my label account now, and wanted to share my process so you can get an idea of how ive worked around listing artists.

My label does compilations, and single artists releases.
The way I am approaching this is I use the label account for the compilations in the naming protocol of “artist name - track name”

Through my existing label infrastructure (web hosting) I create email addresses for each artist and register them separately on musicoin for their personal releases. PPP royalties are setup to their own wallets, so they get the benefits of their own releases plays, and the compilations plays goes to the label. - This incidently works into the contractual arrangements we sign the artists under, so potentially will work perfectly.

Its a bit of work initially to set it up, but after the initial process I think it should work well.


We also decided to have an artist and a label account.
We post EDM, Dance and other electronic music here

OMG this is the last thing Musicoin needs. The whole reason all the other platforms fail to truly generate income for artists is LABELS. Spotify can’t pay artists and is still not making any money as the industry acknowledges because of LABELS and the ridiculous royalties they take. Bloated, unprofessional, scamming, wanting money for nothing, under achieving labels. WAKE THE FUCK UP. The whole idea of Blockchain is to REMOVE overpaid, underachieving MIDDLEMEN from your music income stream. They will always take your money and deliver next to FUCK ALL. Now you want to bastardize that effort and introduce middlemen LABELS to a platform supposedly finally aimed at getting artists direct to audiences, receiving direct income, with no middlemen taking their cut. What the hell is wrong with short sighted musicians who fail to see this stuff? They are their own worst enemies some times! Get the bludging, money sucking labels OUT of the process. They are the ones TAKING ALL YOUR MONEY. Geeze have people learned nothing?

I feel strongly enough about this to go further. If Musicoin really wants to grow and become that truly artist focused platform that all artists eventually start turning to to finally gain control of their own incomes, from their own art it needs to separate itself from existing failed platforms, destroyed by LABELS. To truly succeed in separating this platform from all the other failed models and retain it’s point of difference it should BAN ANY LABELS from joining and automatically ban anyone caught acting as a middlemen for other musicians, taking unearned cuts and destroying the very soul of what this platform and blockchain is all about. Imagine this platform now overrun with labels as it grows in the future. the same blood suckers taking their cuts from your artistic income as currently exists. That’s what we already have people. It will guarantee this platform becomes yet another failure for musicians. Let the labels in now, small underachieving dreamers or not and it is doomed.

@goose-s it depends entirely on the circumstances. not all “labels” are inherently evil. In fact, id say a MAJORITY of them are small, diy, production/marketing companies.

Sometimes a musician doesnt want to deal with a designing, promoting, circulating the PR around their music, and having a label do that can be a valuable asset to them. The rub comes from the cut. If you’re stuck behind heavy contracts and poor % than yes, fuck the label. If its a fair contract, then it can be beneficial to some artists who want to focus primarily on their music, and less on their branding/marketing

I get what you are saying @Goose-S and for the most part I agree, but I feel that Musicoin provides the opportunity to REDEFINE labels opposed to eradicating them. For example compare a money hungry person who wants to sign artists to his/her label opposed to a group of friends who start and manage their own label together.

@goose-s - as @darksidejosh says there are as many different kinds of labels as there are musicians. You’re probably referring to major labels & their sub-labels? There are tens of thousands of tiny DIY / network-of-friends type labels out there that would benefits the musicians by joining.

I run my own label for different named projects I do and occasionally release a friend’s music. I know plenty of artist focussed small labels that don’t fit into the description you have. I know plenty of larger labels that do.

How and where the line is drawn between true indies/DIY labels and majors / large indies is another matter.

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