Apple Music to shut down I-tunes

Apple Music to shut down I-tunes, and go to a subscription service. Jimmy Iovine says that streaming services are too similar and need to diversify to survive. Here is the link to the article

Big news… Whatever they do next artists probably won’t get a dime though haha

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Nobody pays to download music anymore…it’s too easy to steal it and get it for free. Probably the reason CD’s and vinyl now outsell downloaded music as the article mentions. What I found most amusing about the story though is how Apple’s rep in the article was trying to convince the group he was speaking to what streaming services were lacking…and how Apple was dedicated to filling that void…like they were oh so concerned the consumer of these services they were not yet a part of were not getting their money’s worth…so Apple to the rescue. That’s bullshit if I ever heard it. They are getting into the game because they are losing money…NOT because they really give a damn about what you are or are not getting from someone else.

The whole “too similar” talking point is just to drive traffic to their service once they launch it. Theirs won’t be any different where it counts…your wallet. They’ll be just like every other streaming service. You subscribe…you stream…you listen and enjoy

hehe, at least we have Musicoin now. We don’t really need them any more.


thanx for sharing

well, that will absolutely cause you lose all your songs. If you’d like to keep a personal copy of all the music files, there are solutions out there too. Just remove DRM from all apple music tracks, then you can save them and play them anywhere.

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