Bruhh, These Rendering issues though!?

I’m not a developer/coder, but I do know this: When a user clicks on a link to load up a page, That page better look like new money!! As of right now I can’t even share my Musicoin links in good conscious with my fanbase, because they expect a much higher level quality of experience when recieving music links from my brand. Links should render properly accross all devices (especially mobile devices. How about an App?). I love the idea of Musicoin. I just can’t yet promote it - as it would hurt relationships with the fans.


  • Fans should be able to buy tracks, directly from the artist (using real money?) on site, with the artist recieving 100% of that revenue.

  • Organizing tracks into albums (playlists) is a neccessary feature.

  • The music players Need to work across all social media platfoms & have the player play from within those individual platforms. My experience when sharing to Twitter, Tumblr & Facebook was headache. The players didn’t show up well Or play from within the app. Instead, it would send the listener back to the Musicoin website… which does not look or function well at the moment; Especially on mobile.

To Whom It May Concern:
Please help/fix this platform so we can promote Musicoin and build something great!

-sent from iPhone 5s

I’m a bit concerned as well. I’ve had several people that I’ve directed to the site tell me that they gave up trying to play my music. They would click to play and never hear the song before they moved on.

I realize that the site is in beta so it’s understandable, but it could become a real issue for engaging fans.

What’s the roadmap for developing the production version, and for apps and social media integration? I also agree that we definitely need a “buy” option for listeners.

Thanks for getting this started! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I agree @Breez . I love the project but stopped sharing my artists links until they fix the platform.

@carlos-corona-jr Yezzir, I completely understand! It feels like a store that has opened it’s front doors, but completely forgot to built the shelving units & put up the displays. - I don’t understand the platforms logic in that reguard… And as a fellow producer that represents multiple artists, it’s impossible (and not recommended) to showcase your professional talent with such an amatuer level interface.

@brad-steele forsure ! it’s great to hear your thoughts about this subject. I’m cool with the ‘streaming music for musicoin’ gig, but it would be the Best thing to have a way for fans to buy vocal tracks & lease beats (with licenses) for standard cash money (via: paypal, credit card, etc.) within the Artist page & around the Musicoin app. If not I’ll have to direct my fanbase through social links to do it; and that leads to the listener leaving the Musicoin website! Yikes? Let’s not forget how complicated it is to flip musicoin into bitcoin into real money from on site (which is not an option) at this time. Krazy.

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