Inconsistencies on Social Media : Music News, posts

Hi everyone,

I was surprised not to find the same level of information on facebook and twitter. For instance, there is a video on youtube of Musicoin creator Isaac, talking about the project and the upcoming New Roadmap for end of April and there is absolutely no information anywhere on official Media (expect youtube with the video). And the video covered incredible exiting news: Third parties platform, mobile app etc…

My point being that the Musicoin team need someone to centralize and share information across media. The project lacks of major communication and marketing basis, and I know that the team is small but there is a couple of things that literally don’t take much time to enlight the project.


@thibault-shagersword Yeah but when you think about the amount of complaints they’ve already had combined with not all features up and running during the wait for Hard Fork it’s not really a good idea to start a major marketing campaign yet. It’d be a better idea to make some upgrades first, coding and what not for FB embed player, playlists, Album lists etc.

There’s still some thing’s they need to work out with the site that they can get to a bit quicker since Hard Fork.

I agree with you. The site also lacks the addition of third party wallets. In my opinion, they should have been on the Musicoin website since the hardfork went live. I don’t understand why they don’t do this, it is only a matter of 2 hours of coding, or even less, for a skilled programmer.

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