Hi everyone, we are GJART and make electronic music with an 80’s vibe. Like all independent musicians we’ve been frustrated by how we are not getting a fair reward for our work. 20k plays on Spotify and we got less than $10. Fortunately the world is beginning to change and new sites like this site are being set up that are rewarding us more fairly. We wrote an article about how we’ve been able to make $300 in a month using some of these sites. You can read it below, free on one of the sites where we can all make some money. At the bottom of the article there are two recommended groups where a whole bunch of musicians are helping each other out in order to try making a living from music. Hope to see some of you in these groups. Thanks for reading! https://channels.cc/c/0642e440-993a-4f69-9027-7a48ec0f36e1