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~**Hello Music Coin**~ https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x05a2932634d434497b79b2b95ebf8af0a61fd128 Just wanted to stop in and say hello on the forums to introduce myself, and to be honest, hopefully I'll get a few more ears turned toward my tunes. My name is Ian Spyker and I've been making music for 15+ years. I'm posting a number of Experimental EDM songs that I produced using Ableton. My personal experience prior to creating this music was mostly Rock and Metal bands, so that music ended up influencing the compositions greatly. I believe every instrument has its own color and emotion, my goal was to turn my DAW into it's own kind of instrument. I mostly used Ableton's stock instruments and some of Ableton's features that are usually considered child's-play features. This is meant to be a representation of your local garage band, if the members were all robots. I went into the idea that the computer should be able to make its own music, programming arpeggiators to hit random notes in key, or programming a randomized arpeggio on a drum set with a swing rhythm. I acted like a hired gun and tried to let Ableton express itself. If you can't tell yet, I'm a bit of a weird dude. The music reflects that as well. Cheers Y'all, Ian
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