MC and the BTC

Will musicoin and essentially all cryptos always be a slave to bitcoin?.. or is there hope for other coins being able to increase and retain value reguardless what a bitcoin does on the market…

For big coins, which are used on a daily basis, it is possible (Monero, for e.g.).
For small coins, it’s a bit too difficult, given you need to convert them to BTC in order to cash out (thus you’ll always be dependent on the value of BTC).
The value of a coin increases with its use (in our case, it will increase as soon as it will hit more exchanges and as people adopt it).

all musicians on this plaform would be wise to popularise it. i mention it at my gigs and will continue doing so, i expect fellow musicoiners to do the same. promoters ive spoken to love the ad-free notion imo thats our selling point.

@breez It’s not that crypto currencies are slave to Bitcoin but that Bitcoin’s what’s being accepted as actual payment/currency by retailers/countries. You can actually use Bitcoin to make a purchase, you can’t use Musicoin, even though people are aware of it and know they can exchange it for Bitcoin it’s not accepted as an actual payment.

Keep in mind it was years before Bitcoin even took off, Musicoin’s not gonna blow up in a years time and even than Bitcoin’s still gonna be the crypto standard for some time, and it has yet to be regulated.

@mário-tungsten Indeed I fully agree. In fact my album’s stream Exclusively in full length on Musicoin and Only musicoin. Yet I will not promote the website until it runs, looks and functions much more professionally. Your brand is worth the best. When that day happens for the musicoin U.i. Let’s go crazy and promote this platform to the fullest! The payment concept is already better than everything currently offered on the market ie: spotify, soundcloud included. I want the best for musicoin and All of it’s artists.💯 Back to the main point, hoping oneday MC will stand on it’s own two and be even More accepted than BTC. Financial backing and Daily trading sound like the key to this situation.

@breez Now that Apple’s shutting down iTunes to go to a subscription based service I wonder how much they’re gonna pay artists’ per stream. Musicoin’s still gonna be worth more though.

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