Found A Cool Song On Musicoin And Covered It!

This platform is pretty dope! Last week i came across a pretty interesting funk instrumental written by someone across the world from me. I sent him a message asking if i could record my own version, post it and split the royalties through the blockchain smart contract.
This is a great platform for collaboration!
Check Out The Cover Here!
Let me know if anyone wants to collab! Im a pretty decent guitarist who enjoys rock, metal, jazz, and funk!


@jamie-bekyarovich Loved it! Check out my songs and if you find any worth of your talent just drop me a note!


guys if you need any fender rhodes or piano playing for your tracks id love to play and colaborate with you … 🙂 jamie im still waiting for my computer from the service so i can send you the mp3… i haven’t forgot 🙂

@asterios-papastamatakis That would be awesome… i absolutely love your style man.
No problem! Cant wait… Those licks are just too cool!

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