Idea for financial sustainability

@Shamino @im here we go:


imho the PPP Mechanic as it is will probably not be sustainable in the future.
It is impossible to pay Artists with millions of Plays and preventing Scam and Fraud will become more and more trouble.


I had this Idea to give every Artist the same opportunity:

The solution would be a formula that limits the maximum of PPP´s per Artist per Day to that Days UBI$Music Pools growth.
If these 2 Variables are linked everybody can theoretically have the same fair universal basic income


UBI$Music Pool grows by 10.000 Musicoin - divided trough 1000 Artists (just to make it simple)
= everybody can have 10 streams that are paid with Musicoin, the rest of the streams are unpaid.

If there are Coin left it could be added to the next Days UBI$Music Pool growth

This would assure sustainability and would also make it financial possible to host well-known Artists
It also would prevent that the Platform potentialy gives away more Musicoin than it is earning - leading to its brancruptcy


Yeah, we must do something guys.
I’m not exactly sure about the problem you present and not sure about your solution either - what I do know is, that with all its “amazingness” there is a long way to a fast responsive system and a sustainable economic model.

I think something similar to what steemit does, could be a huge improvement. Hopefully musicoin will be converted to the EOS platform once it’s up and running.

There must be a proof of work on the artists side which allegedly is the fact that they have a track, but it is also possible to upload random audio like recorded talking which some do - this is not exactly music…

So besides integrating an algorithm that would determine whether it is a musical file, like steemit, there should be an upvote (clap, whatever) mechanism that will let the system know that there is something valuable in here, not some random stuff that gets a coin everytime it is played - let alone by someone else, even when played by the owner itself.

And that’s another issue in itself - currently every artist can play his own songs and get a coin for that. Why?
Is it technically hard to check in the smart contract that if the play was pushed by “self”, then there is no musicoin attributed to the “listener”?
Sounds like a very simple task, from the outside at least.


Some of this discussion has been going on at this thread already

I agree with @Yosi-Ben-Zvi that dividing the coins by the users isn’t a clear solution. For example if some of those users are actively promoting and participating in the community… and other users just upload a song once… it would be ridiculous to have the number of users effecting how much each person gets paid. Maybe divide the pool by the number of PLAYED users for the day, but not total users lol.

I like the steemit and EOS ideas too

Not a fan of the other parts too much though… searching for random talking, preventing artists from playing their own music… I’ve already talked at length about this, but in a nutshell.

It STARTS as a good idea, and quickly becomes the worst parts of the traditional music business that blockchain is growing beyond. It’s actually GOOD for artists to play their own music, especially as more people start using playlists, that incorporate other artists that blend well with them. I think the idea that artists are suppose to make music they don’t want to hear, and put it on platforms where they don’t want to play it is parochial and sad. I personally make music I want to listen to. And music that I don’t think anyone else is making. Many artists do the same.

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