"Donatello Club Music Awards" 2017 contest

Dear music lovers

In May 2009 I started an online community aimed at artists, musicians, dancers and entertainers worldwide.
Since last year I introduced a music award. Please visit, https://donatelloclub.eu/donatello-club-awards and https://steemit.com/originalmusic/@donatello/donatello-club-music-awards-contest-week-17-share-your-original-music-track-or-video for more info.

It’s free to join https://Donatelloclub.eu. Artists, musicians, dancers and entertainers get a free account upgrade and they will be write posts on Donatelloclub.eu homepage.

Happy New Year!
Donatello and the Team at Donatello Club online community

This is a great initiative. Who could flag the post? This seems a bit strange.

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