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This is an idea I think I have seen already on another platform. But I’m not quite sure.

So…right now, if you like a track, you can just stream it. This leads to a couple of issues, which are the following:

  1. Personally, I’m a guy who likes to listen to a great track a couple of times in a row. Since we don’t know, when systemabuse starts and ends, this is something I don’t feel comfortable in doing.

  2. You can only listen to the music, when you have access to this website. I’m certain, this also sucks for DJs, who need to reach out or look for other ways to get the music they have found here, to spinn it in their sets or radioshows. While an app for mobile phones will help with this sometime in the future for the average guy, I still think having access to the file is a requirement.

So here is my solution for it:

The Collection (like bandcamp)

  1. Personal licenses

Every track/album on this platform comes with a personal progress bar. If you listen or tip a track, this progress bar moves forward. Once it is at 100% the song (or the album later) will be added to your personal collection and you can download it to your computer for personal use.

This would also limit the amount of paid spinns a track can get from an individual account, which is not the solution to abuse, but at least generates a bigger hustle for those who do this and takes a bit away from the insecurity of what am I allowed to do and what not.

Additionally to this, there could also be a “wishlist”, where you can add tracks you just discovered, so you have it in one place.

  1. Commercial licenses

A second feature this could come with, is for the commercial use of music. So for example, if someone is looking for tracks for his new movie, video game, podcast…yada yada.
There are a couple of licenses that could be done, like microlicensing for small things like a youtube video (usually around 20-50 $US) or all around packages for TV, movie and advertising campaigns (can go up to a couple of thousand $US).

This is something, that would need a couple of things in place to work out, such as the integration of ISRC and ISWC codes. Also all involved authors need to be credited. So…that’s probably something you want to work out with a lawyer and the representatives of PROs (ASCAP, BMI etc), as well as experiences music supervisors, who can tell you how to optimize live for them.


This would require a lot of attention and moderation, because we would be moving into a grey area, especially when Cover Tracks/Samples/inofficial Remixes are involved. Maybe commercial use is something that should be put behind an additional verification process.

EDIT: One last note: Of course the musician needs to remain in control of this. Nothing of this should ever happen per default. If the artist doesn’t want people to be able to download it, give them the option to disable this. Also…the price/progress bar should remain in the hands of the artist to a certain extend eventually, while the site could/should suggest a price based on duration and genre of the track. On the other hand, a limit should be in place for all, regardless if downloads are enabled or not.

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Very interesting ideas! And very well put!

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